A True Love Story: Truckers and ELDs

Let’s be clear, the relationship between Truckers and ELDs has not been “love at first sight” by any means. It’s no secret that truck drivers have resisted the ELD technology and shuffled their feet about leaving paper logs behind. The new technology might have scared some drivers. It’s a whole new system to learn and more accountability, made drivers uneasy and less trusting of ELDs.

Now after some time since the U.S. Mandate went into effect, you’re starting to hear how drivers could never go back to paper logs after switching to E-Logs. Proving that truckers and ELDs were always meant to be. Don’t believe us? Here are three reasons why truckers and ELDs make a great love story.

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Reason #1 – ELDs make you more money!

According to the FMCSA, truck drivers will be spending 20 hours a year filling out paper logs and sending the HOS files to their carriers. With ELDs, you’re able to reduce time filling out paperwork and spending time making check-calls and sending hours to your dispatch. Your able to add another ten hours a week of drive time by rounding to the nearest minute for stops. ELDs also lead to faster inspections, so you can get back on the road faster. Police Officers can view the automated hours and see any violations quicker. Letting you get back to the open road. Logging miles during your recovered hours can now lead to a big increase in your paychecks.

Reason #2 – Reducing Paperwork

ELDs have cut down paperwork for drivers by a significant amount. Drivers just have to log into their devices and hit the open road. No more paper logs to fill out and no more headaches when you cross state lines. ELDs automate the HOS process, making life a little less stressful. ELDs will give your paperwork free of any form and manner errors, while having the hours be totaled correctly.

Reason #3 – Communication with the Office

For years, check calls were a priority for drivers to communicate with the home office. Letting them know their location and how many hours it’s been could lead to a series of phone calls that ate up a lot of time. Dispatchers can now see the location of the drivers right from their office, allowing more accurate arrival times to their customers. This makes the driver happy because it allows them to focus on their job, and this also makes for one happy customer knowing their getting the best treatment.

ELDs have improved businesses and made drivers safer on the road. Although it might be a bit of a struggle at first, your drivers will fall in love with its ELD, all it takes is some time and training.

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