Top 10 Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

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There’s a lot of responsibilities when it comes to running a fleet of vehicles. Using accurate data to see where all your vehicles are and making sure you meet the demand of your customers are always at the top of your priority list. You probably have heard that GPS fleet tracking will help you run a more efficient fleet and cut costs, but have you looked into exactly how? AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS) wants to show you the top 10 benefits of GPS fleet tracking to help with your operations.

1. Optimizing Your Vehicles

Vehicle tracking allows you to see what vehicles are out in the field or in the yard. This allows you to schedule any maintenance that needs to be done and help you schedule routes for upcoming jobs to maximize fuel usage. At the same time, it can ensure the closest operator is assigned to the job. You’ll be able to analyze all the data and maximize the revenue from your fleet.

2. Increase Fuel Savings

GPS fleet tracking allows you to cut down on fuel costs by eliminating unnecessary bad habits like idling. Idling can eat up a gallon of fuel per hour. Over-idling not only eats up fuel costs, but it is harmful on the engine as well and increases the chances of unscheduled maintenance.

3. Reducing Maintenance costs and Vehicle Downtime

Keep your vehicles on the road longer by using data. Vehicle diagnostics are set up in all the vehicles and you can receive trouble codes in real-time. You’re able to see what the problem is the second it happens and be able to schedule maintenance quickly.

4. More Trips = More Money

Dispatchers can assign more jobs to drivers by analyzing the data they see by using vehicle tracking. They’ll be able to monitor which vehicles are in an idle state or which drivers are closes to the next upcoming job. The more jobs you’re able to assign, the more revenue that will come in!

5. Asset Tracking

Asset and trailer tracking are easy to cut down on fuel and keep track of all your important assets in the field. These are easy to install and allows you to monitor the health of that asset, rather than driving to the physical location. A simple install can leave you with a peace of mind.

6. Reduce Paperwork

By implementing a new GPS vehicle tracking system, you’re able to help your drivers and team reduce the amount of paperwork that needs to be tracked. By having everything stored electronically, you’re able to eliminate paper tickets and reduce paper storage.

7. Increase Number of Trips

As a fleet manager, you can assign tasks when vehicles are spotted idling and help find the best technicians for last minute jobs. The more trips you add per day, the more business! Vehicle tracking allows you to optimize all your assets in the field.

8. Competitive Edge

You’ll be able to give the ultimate customer service experience with GPS fleet tracking. With any last-minute jobs that could come up, you’ll be able to send the fastest and most reliable driver to the job, easing many of your customers concerns. You’ll be able to prove that you can keep up with the growing command and still produce great work.

9. Improve Safety of Your Drivers

By installing  vehicle tracking, you’re able to improve protection for your field operators and drivers. Seeing the vehicles in real-time allows you to add another layer of communication in case you need to make last minute decisions.

10. Decreasing Insurance Costs

Insurance companies have embraced GPS fleet tracking and support companies to implement the technology. You potentially can see a significant drop in your premiums with the options to track your vehicles in the field, along with the added benefits of driver behavior technology.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a GPS/Telematics system. Integration into your current fleet management system will play a huge factor into what system will work best for you and your fleet. AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS) GPS/Telematics have been helping customers become more efficient and help decrease on fuel and maintenance costs for over 35 years.

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