Talkin’ Telematics – Meet AssetWorks New Telematics Specialist

You might have seen recently that AssetWorks announced a new Telematics Specialist role to help our FleetFocus customers with their GPS and telematics needs. Mike Koebel, National Sales Director for our Field Service Solutions (FSS) product, has taken on the new role and is excited to jump right in.

We sat down with Mike and asked him a few questions about his experience with GPS and telematics, how the industry has evolved over the years, and how AssetWorks can help fleet professionals.

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New Role, Years of Experience

Mike is no stranger to the fleet industry and technology deployments. Mike has over 30 years of fleet technology experience across a variety of different industries. Over the years, one of Mike’s favorite things about his job is speaking to customers. “I enjoy listening to customers and finding out what their needs and goals are for their fleet and what they’re looking to accomplish,” said Mike. “I want to help them achieve their goals and offer the right fit solutions that will help them in the long term.” 

 The Telematics Specialist role might be new to AssetWorks, but this is something Mike is very familiar with. “What this role will entail is exactly what I’ve been doing throughout my career,” said Mike. “I’m going to be a resource for all our FleetFocus customers to talk about their needs and how they can better utilize their fleet through telematics data and AssetWorks integrations. I will continue to work with our own comprehensive GPS and telematics solution (FSS), with our Telematics Cloud solution and industry leading partners to ensure that are offering the right fit integrated solution for your fleet. 

Evolution of the Industry

If 2020 showed us anything, it is that fleet professionals need to be prepared for anything. Finding ways to better utilize their fleets and cut costs is a major challenge. “44% percent of fleet professionals surveyed said that rising costs was their biggest challenge. I’ve seen first-hand, by leveraging data from telematics, fleets can be more cost-efficient. In fact, 32% report a positive ROI in just six months of implementing fleet tracking technology, according to a new technology trends report by Verizon Connect.”

Telematics is changing the landscape for the fleet industry. Having the most accurate data for you to analyze will lead to cost–effective decisions. “PM schedules are vital in our industry. Making sure that you capture accurate meter readings ensures proper vehicle maintenance to avoid costs from either over or under maintaining your fleet while the trouble code reporting lets you address serious issues in real time and can reduce vehicle downtime. Accurate data ultimately leads to having your vehicles on the road longer, so your fleet can most effectively complete their workload.”

Integration is Key

Any challenge of deploying a new technology is making sure it can integrate with your current FleetFocus system. Capturing key integration points is crucial to taking your fleet to the next level. AssetWorks FSS GPS and Telematics solution captures everything from odometer readings, engine hours, trouble codes, and location. All of these features and more will integrate right into your FleetFocus system. “We’re able to eliminate manual data collection and help you streamline your PM process” says Mike. “Whether you want to capture key data points from your light and heavy-duty vehicles, to trailers, yellow iron, or other high value assets, AssetWorks FSS is able to capture all your data in real time and bring it into your FleetFocus system.”  

Mike went on to say a very valuable point “AssetWorks FSS is the only telematics solution that offers two-way integration with FleetFocus. By being able to maintain a single database of assets in FleetFocus, any additions, modifications or terminations are automatically synchronized to FSS in your database. This leads to reducing administrative time and eliminates possible errors.”


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Telematics Cloud Integration

Some of our customers might prefer their current telematics provider.  Our Telematics Cloud solution allows for integration of these options with your FleetFocus system, “Working with an industry leader has its advantages,” said Mike. “We have great partners that we work with to collect the data our customers need and automatically sync it with their FleetFocus system without requiring file manipulation or manual processes”.

As an authorized reseller of multiple industry leading solutions AssetWorks has the ability to cost effectively bundle together complete solutions with the FleetFocus integration.

“Since the process is automated, the interface provides information in real time. All telematics data captured through the Telematics Cloud is available for FleetFocus’ specific functionality. You’re able to generate notifications, reports, auto-generation of service requests, dashboards and trend analysis to ensure you’re making timely decisions with accurate data.”

Food for Thought

When we asked Mike what he wanted to leave off telling our FleetFocus customers, he left some advice for fleet professionals. “With a lot of telematics offerings out there, it can be overwhelming. I think when you’re looking into a new platform, you need to find what each company’s value brings to the table, what’s going to save you money and what is going to help show you results. AssetWorks has effective, robust integrations with not only our own products but our partners too. An easy integration with your FleetFocus system can help you make better decisions and help you cut down on costs”.

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