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A Fleet Managers’ Secret for Making Up for Lost Time

Preventative maintenance may often feel like a waste of time and impossible to stay up to date with when it comes to your vehicle. With a fleet, regulations and policies require daily attention- making preventative maintenance even more challenging. 

Putting off preventative maintenance to avoid the headache may seem like the easy solution until you receive a call from one of your drivers that their vehicle broke down on the side of the road. Initially, it seemed you were saving time and money by not completing preventive maintenance, but you now have even more expenses and losing your maintenance budget on one vehicle. 

Maintenance seems like a lose-lose situation. If you maintain your trucks too often, then you’re wasting time. If you don’t maintain them enough, you lose even more time completing extensive repairs and taking drivers off the road. 

It is not a question of whether you should complete preventative maintenance but how you can make up for the time spent maintaining your vehicles.

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Making Up for Lost Time

There is no way around maintenance, but there is a way to cut time on driver vehicle inspections, losing paperwork, and locating and routing vehicles- all by utilizing one solution, AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS).

Driver Vehicle Inspections

Roadside inspections are vital as it ensures your vehicles are safe for travel. When a pen and paper get used for inspections, it slows down the process, and managers risk misplacing the paperwork afterward. Utilizing FSS for driver vehicle inspections takes less time, is done accurately, and is all done electronically- ensuring your fleet does not receive fines.

Lost Paperwork

No fleet is the same, so many fleets believe going paperless is not an option because there are no solutions that work for their workflow. That is true if you have a system that does not offer a customizable solution, but AssetWorks FSS is customizable to any fleet’s individual needs.

FSS also offers Field Ticketing to eliminate the paper process. Field ticketing saves field operators stress by allowing them to update work orders in real-time- speeding up billing cycles by three months.

GPS Tracking/Telematics

There are many items fleet managers are responsible for, the most important being their vehicles. It may seem impossible to oversee everything from back in the office, but with FSS GPS Tracking, office staff can have a 24/7 view of the current location of vehicles and yellow iron equipment.

Telematics also allows office staff to regulate vehicle boundaries during selected timeframes, ensuring no vehicle leaves a desired geographic zone.

Even though some aspects of maintaining a fleet are unavoidable, there are plenty of ways to get back lost time with AssetWorks FSS.

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