Reducing Vehicle Downtime

Your vehicles are the life-lines to having a successful business. Keeping them on the road and running properly allows you to serve your customers and continue to have that great reputation of customer service that you’ve built.

What happens if one of your vehicles break down though?

According to, a vehicle that goes in for maintenance can cost a business up to $760 per day! Over a five day work week that’s $3,800, without any other fees on top of it. Not keeping up with your inspections is against the law, and can lead into some serious fines, not to mention the money that you will be losing out on by not being able to use that vehicle for jobs. All of that money that is now gone, could have been going right back into your business.

How can you prevent this?

Reducing downtime can be huge for a business of any size. Using an electronic inspection form can help your fleet be more proactive in your preventive cost maintenance and achieving a great return on investment (ROI). Switching from a paper to an electronic form is not only better for the environment, but it also allows drivers to be more thorough in their inspections. Going through a series of prompts and questions prevents the drivers from skipping steps and disregarding boxes that would be over looked.

Speeding up the maintenance process is also a key factor when it comes to switching to electronic forms. When an issue with a vehicle has been detected, it can immediately start the process to be looked at. This will allow vehicles to get out of the shop and back on the road faster. This process also eliminates the hassle of manually entering data from the forms, leaving you more time for your customers!

Being able to track data to view trends and prevent unpredicted downtime will give you an edge on the competition. AssetWorks Field Service Solution (FSS) not only works hand-in-hand with your electronic logging device (ELD), but can help you improve your driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) by sending real time alerts of minor and major issues of your vehicles, so you can get them back on the road and safe as possible.

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