Reducing Fuel and Maintenance Costs2020-10-07T09:24:49-04:00
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Reducing Fuel and Maintenance Costs:

The two biggest things that burn through a Fleet Managers budget are vehicle downtime and wasted fuel costs. Regardless of the industry that you serve, you can’t hide from these. Trying to cut down on maintenance and fuel costs has been an ongoing battle for years. AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS) wants to show you how applying a GPS/Telematics solution to your fleet will help you reduce costs and improve your drivers’ performances.

This guide will show you how telematics can help you reduce your fleet maintenance costs by:

  • Using real-time data to schedule pick-ups and drop offs more efficiently
  • How to see faster and more accurate billing and payroll
  • Streamlining your business with current systems you use today
  • Receiving real-time alerts to proactively maintain vehicle issues