Reduce Your Fleet’s Costs with Electronic Field Ticketing

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Biggest goal for fleet managers: reducing costs.

It’s no secret that the last couple years brought unexpected changes. Fleet managers have been working long days trying to figure out where to save money and reduce costs. More businesses have been turning to electronic field ticketing for its dispatching and flexibility.

Organizing and completing paperwork becomes way simpler with electronic field ticketing. In addition, it can help you make your fleet more efficient and receive a greater ROI. AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS) wants to show you how electronic field ticketing can help you have an advantage for future unexpected changes.

Bill your Customers Faster

We’ve all seen how long it can take for a work order ticket to come back to the office, be processed, and then finally be invoiced to the customer. This process has set back businesses weeks or even months to bill a customer. Electronic field ticketing allows you to do everything in real time. This includes tailor-made field tickets for your drivers and operators to fill out forms easily, mistake free. As soon as the job is complete, the form is sent right to the office so you can prepare invoicing for the customer.

This means no more smudge or double-checking handwriting. You’ll cut down on turnaround time with the accuracy electronic ticketing, as well as get paid faster.

Reducing Paperwork

Job tickets and work orders are notorious for being lost or forgotten about. Having drivers manually complete their work orders doesn’t always go so well. The inaccuracies throw off billing and inventory levels throughout the company, leading to more headaches. Streamlining your processes can lead to a centralized database to hold all your forms, while leading to the most accurate work orders and job tickets.

Just think of the time that drivers will save by having their work orders on their tablets instead of running back and forth to the office. Less paper and more jobs equals more revenue!

Improved Dispatching Efficiency

Improved dispatching leads to improved customer service. You’re able to show customers that the communication between your company and them is important and you’re sending the best resources to solve their problems. Improved dispatching can show you who’s closest in the area in and effort to eliminate any wasted fuel. By allowing you to have communication with your drivers in the field, you’re able to update jobs and prioritize work as it comes in. This keeps your work efficient and your customers happy.

Your customers will continue to go back to you because of the timely and excellent service you provided.

AssetWorks FSS has helped businesses tailor their field ticketing software to their needs. With over 30 years of industry experience, we help customers speed up their processes, ensure accurate data and eliminate manual entry. We work with our customers to keep their drivers safe, speed up their processes and create a more efficient environment.

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