Changing of the Times – Paperless Trucking is the Future

The trucking industry has adapted and overcome many obstacles throughout the years. As the world has continued to make changes and find different ways of doing things, the trucking industry has continued to be there for its customers and remains a constant while there’s so much change. Of course, many fleet managers are having to rethink things as well.

The demand for goods and services hasn’t slowed down and drivers have been busier than ever to deliver for their customers. The safety of the drivers and their well-being has never been more critical. The small things of filling out work orders and simple hand offs of logs has to be done with as much caution as possible. The industry over the years has turned to “going paperless” as a way of being more efficient, but now it’s going to be for safety reasons as well. Taking advantage of the new era of paperless trucking will help your drivers, staff and your customers be safer during times of uncertainty. Here are some ways that paperless trucking can help you and your fleet stay safe and be more efficient.

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The End of Paper Tickets

The U.S. ELD Mandate started the movement to move away from paper logs and start tracking hours of service electronically – to keep drivers and others on the road around them safer. Now that Canada is adopting the legislation, this leaves the door wide open for paperless trucking. You’re able to have an end to end ticketing system that constitutes proof of delivery, signed tickets and in-field files (scanned as attachments).

Now that everyone is being more cautious of how they receive things,  your customers might be hesitant to receive paper invoices or copies of work orders. You’ll have the ability to send them electronic invoices right to their emails. Your office staff will also have their worries met knowing the operators in the field can sign tickets electronically and scan any attachments that go with that work order back to the office without any physical hand off. This help to keep everyone in the best state of mind.

Less Storage and More Accurate Information

Another advantage of paperless trucking is that there is no tangible loss in time for looking for tickets or trying to understand their handwriting. So much time is wasted when you have to try and get a hold of your drivers, confirming about different items on the tickets, inspections and more. Electronic forms are always clear to read. Information is entered in a controlled environment and dispatchers/accounting members can read it without trying to guess what the driver was trying to say, giving you the most accurate data. This can include important safety paperwork related to the tickets, where the accuracy is the most crucial. Journey management items like hazard assessments, customer specific safety reviews and on-route inspections, can all be done electronically to help you keep the most accurate data and information.

Storing all the paper can cost a fortune as well. Let’s take a 100-unit fleet for an example. Some current AssetWorks customers have saved upwards of $60,000 annually in costs for paper and filing those papers since implementing an electronic field ticketing system. That’s a huge savings with so much less hassle. You no longer have to buy paper or have storage space for all the records, and you can now eliminate the time spent by bookkeepers to physically store and retrieve these records since they can be done with the click of a button. This gives you more time to focus on customer service.

Attention to the Details

As situations may continue with practicing social distancing, the safety of your drivers will always be at the top of the priority list. The days of hanging out in the motor pool and catching up on the daily events are now limited. Fleet managers can use technology to help practice social distancing and avoid any dangerous situations. Mangers can monitor where their drivers are and can take preemptive measures to avoid congestion and implement social distancing. Making sure everyone is going home with a better piece of mind and you’re keeping you communities safe.

AssetWorks FSS Electronic Field Ticketing allows you to speed up your processes, ensure accurate data and eliminate manual entry. We work with our customers to keep their drivers safe, speed up their process and create a more efficient environment.

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