Four Ways to Improve Driver Behavior

Drivers play an essential role when it comes to running your fleet. Keeping them safe on the road and maintaining the health of your vehicles are huge priorities for every fleet professional. But did you know that the way your drivers operate their vehicles can become costly down the road?

Cutting fuel costs and reducing vehicle maintenance are key factors in maintaining an efficient fleet. Here are some strong ideas that you can try to improve driver behavior to keep your drivers safe on the road while cutting out wasteful costs

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Create a No-distraction Driving Policy

It’s very easy nowadays for drivers of all kinds to be distracted with phones and social media. These actions are illegal and can lead to dangerous situations behind the wheel. Creating a no-distraction policy will allow you and your drivers to agree to practice safe driving habits and understand the consequences of breaking this policy. This policy can include making or receiving calls plus reading and responding to text messages.


The most effective way to manage driver behavior safety is by educating your drivers. Having them understand safety policies and best driving practices can lead to better and safer driving results. If you’re able to break down what happens when a driver is speeding, being distracted while driving or performing unsafe practices, you can show the reality and consequences of those actions. Always encourage your drivers to do better.

Set Up Alerts

Find out when unsafe practices are happening as soon as they happen. Many driver’s behaviors monitoring has features to alert drivers and management whenever there’s an event that takes place. If your driver is going over the spend limit, or performs harsh braking, an alert can be sent to you and your driver notifying them of the occurrence. These customized alerts can help keep track of their driver’s behavior and help break bad habits.

Reward System

Reward your drivers for a job well done. Celebrate your drivers who have shown that they have cut down on bad habits and improved your overall fleet. Use a scorecard to see where your drivers’ overall progress is. You can reward them with prizes or other creative ideas.

Utilizing Driver Behavior Monitoring

AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS) Driver Behavior Monitoring allows you to analyze data and make safer choices. You’re able to analyze undesirable activity such as speeding, swerving, hard braking and unauthorized use as well as track idling costs to eliminate wasteful driving habits, increase ROI and keep your costs down. Get updates in real-time to reduce these dangerous events from occurring. You’re able to generate reports to see your vehicles’ history and consolidate a driver score card report to keep track of their performance.

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