GPS Tracking for Fleets: Heat Maps

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Like many fleet professionals, you want to use data to make accurate decisions and improve your fleets efficiency. But what if you want to get a closer look to see what your vehicles are doing?

AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS) features comprehensive GPS and Telematics technology, goes beyond your standard features. While the breadcrumb tracking tool is a very useful feature to help analyze your fleet’s history, FSS has expanded the history function to provide a heat map view. This heat map feature allows you to visually pinpoint factors that may be increasing your operating costs through wasted fuel, poor driver behavior, lack of adherence to policies etc.

gps tracking for fleetHeat maps display event trends over time for your entire fleet or for any subset of your fleet desired at a glance (ex. Where is my fleet speeding the most or braking the hardest, etc.). When heat maps show a trend, you can then use the search location feature to pinpoint trouble items or areas and focus fleet improvement performance accordingly.

Let’s take a look at a scenario:

You want to see what areas do your fleet typically speed in over the last month. With AssetWorks FSS GPS and Telematics, you’re able to adjust your filters to the date and times you want to see.

If you want even more specific data, you can select individual assets or asset groups. The heat map history will appear something like this:

Utilizing the Location Feature

By taking it a step further, the location feature allows you to identify any key event/driver/asset related to a specific location and time period.  By simply dragging and dropping the circle over any size location, you’ll be able to see what assets were in that area at the specific time you’re interested in, who was driving and what were they doing.   This allows you to quickly address any situations such as customer complaints involving your fleet vehicles or supervisory inquiries about job site location activity.

You can now take a look at any vehicle that was in that area for the specified time period to see the assets/drivers activities.  You can adjust different filters to see different types of events such as speeding, idling, driving while not logged on etc.

AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS) works hand-in-hand with your current FleetFocus system to bring you the most accurate data to help you cut wasteful costs and boost your preventive maintenance plan. Having an all-in-one solution, and one database of assets to manage, will help you improve your efficiency and improve productivity.

To find out more about AssetWorks FSS and its integrations with your current FleetFocus system, schedule a demo today at

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