The ELD Solution No One Will Tell You About2020-10-09T08:52:45-04:00
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The ELD Solution No One Will Tell You About:

By now, everyone in North America has heard how they need to find an electronic logging device (ELD) solution to stay in compliance. And although there’s still time for fleets to get on board before Canada’s ELD Mandate takes effect, many fleets in the U.S. are finding that the solution they chose isn’t quite the right fit, and are starting to back track. With so many solutions and options in the market, how does a Fleet Manager decide which will be the best solution?

AssetWorks Field Service Solutions is going to let you in on the most effective solution for your fleet, that will not only keep you in compliance, but help your fleet be more efficient.

This guide provides information that you need to determine the best ELD solution for your fleet.

  • Variety of ELD platforms for different conditions
  • Finding greater ROI by going beyond compliance
  • Eliminating driver finds and lowering operational costs
  • Keeping your driver safe with safety and performance reports