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We’re just months away from the Canadian ELD Mandate, and there’s no grace period this time. After the U.S. ELD Mandate went into effect, there was a two-year grace period for fleets to make the adjustment from AOBRDs. However, when June 12, 2021 hits, there will be no such grace period given.

Fleet managers need to start finding an ELD provider before it’s too late. The process of choosing a provider needs to be fully researched to ensure it’s a right fit. Here are three things to keep in mind as you start your ELD strategy.

Stay ahead of the deadline

All Canadian ELDs will need to be certified by a third party, unlike the self-certification process that was done in the U.S. While this process is still underway for all vendors, it’s a good idea to look into credible ELD providers. Having a reliable ELD provider will ensure that your devices will meet all the standards and ensure compliance by the mandate starting date.  Going with a trusted name gives you the peace of mind that your provider will continue to make sure you receive the best product throughout the whole process.

First time deploying a new technology? Check out this playbook for a successful ELD deployment.

Beyond ELD

The Mandate has allowed fleets to reevaluate the way their operations are running. If 2020 taught us anything, it taught us that you need to be flexible. Finding ways to streamline your operations and become more efficient should also be on your list of goals when choosing a ELD provider. The ability to leverage your ELD investment to take advantage of some of the following capabilities can help you achieve these goals while keeping your drivers safe:

  • GPS/Telematics
  • Driver Behavior monitoring
  • IFTA data collection
  • Dispatching / Electronic Ticketing
  • Maintenance tracking
  • Trailer/Asset tracking
  • Lone Worker technology

You should ask yourself, “Does my ELD investment allow me to take advantage of other fleet management needs beyond Hours of Service?” The right solution will provide flexibility to have more capabilities as standard or ability to turn on more features when the timing is right for your organization.

Trusted History

It seems like you’ll be able to find an ELD provider around every corner. But how long have they been around? Many providers are coming out of “the woodworks” to try and make a profit off of the ELD Mandate. You have to be cautious that the provider you’re picking isn’t going to disappear in a year and cause you to have to start the process all over again.

When choosing a solution, you need to find someone with a long history in the industry that can be trusted. For example, AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS) has been in the industry for over 30 years and has a wide range of experience deploying fleet technology. We’re a financially stable and reliable company with offices in Canada, USA & abroad, so you can rest assured that we’ll be with you for years to come.

With the combination of ELD and GPS/Telematics technology, we’re the leaders in the industry that will keep your fleet in compliance and beyond.

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