ELDs vs AOBRDs – Don’t Let your Fleet be Left Behind

Most of the trucking industry has already made, or has at least started, the transition into electronic logging devices, or ELDs, for their fleet. While some fleets are still running automatic onboard recording devices, or AOBRDs, they have until the end of 2019 to make the switch. With no extension expected to be made for AOBRDs, and a 0% chance that the FMCSA will allow paper logs again, fleets professionals need to start making that transition and finding a solution that works best for them long term.

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Although AOBRDs are similar to ELDs  – the hardware connects to the vehicle’s engine to record a driver’s hours of service (HOS) -it doesn’t record as much data. ELDS gather more data and are more restrictive on how they’re handled. When it comes to recording data, locations and editing history, ELDs have the upper hand on accuracy and protecting drivers. Let’s look at the comparison:

It’s clear that ELDs do more to protect your drivers and give you more data to operate your fleet better than AOBRDs do. The ELD Mandate has specific rules in place on how the devices should be handled in certain events and situations. The ELDs are required to warn drivers about driving time and distance limits and do not allow you to edit any of the logs recorded. You’re only allowed to make notes or annotate what happened in the event. This encourages you to keep your logs accurate and up to date.

By the end of 2019, most fleets will be using more up-to-date ELD technology, while others may still be struggling to cross over. If you’re currently using ABORDs, your competitors will have an advantage over you by using technology that your customers are already expecting. Switching platforms may take some time, and not all solutions will be a perfect fit. Most fleets that have seen success with the solution they’ve chosen have had a designated Project Manager to help guide them for a smoother transition.

AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS) has helped fleets create training plans for their staff and drivers, but has also had helped find solutions that will help them long term and potentially see a greater ROI. Don’t let your fleet be left behind: schedule a demo today, and see why now is the best time to switch over to an ELD at Assetworks.com/eld.

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