Effective Field Ticketing – Is your System Working for you?

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If you’ve worked in any type of industry long enough, you would know that nothing ever stays the same. An electronic field ticketing system that you have been working with for years might have been the top of the line when you first got it, but not so much anymore. You might know it’s time to look into a new system, but you have so much going on, it would be too hard to change.

With technology always growing and making things faster, old solutions quickly become outdated. Field ticketing systems allows you to be more efficient in making business decisions and maintaining great customer service. Change is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. AssetWorks wants to show you some things to consider when it comes to picking an effective field ticketing system.

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Tailor system around your needs

Only you know what is best for you and your business. No two businesses are alike, and your field ticketing system shouldn’t be either. You need to have a system that is tailor made to fit your needs and processes. Eliminating manual record keeping and data entry will allow you to focus on the more important things, like keeping your customers happy.

A custom integration for your electronic field ticketing solution will enhance your back office operations. No more wasting time trying to reenter completed field ticket data from your drivers, or worrying about your drivers trying to find a missing field ticket from work done the week before.

Greater ROI than regular systems

Using data to find how to improve your operations and overall lifespan is crucial in managing a fleet. Driver behavior technology allows you to take an overview of your fleet’s usage. Fuel takes up a majority of a fleet’s budget. The three common traits that waste fuel the most are speeding, idling and hard braking. Out of all the undesirable driving habits, these can cost you a ton of money if not properly handled. By using driver behavior technology, you can improve your drivers’ bad habits and minimize fuel and maintenance costs.

With real-time data, you’re able to improve your fuel savings just by seeing where your drivers and vehicles are throughout the day to avoid unnecessary idling or speeding.  Improving bad driving habits leads to better safety and decreased liability. It will give you a better peace of mind knowing that your drivers and vehicles are safe on the road.

Most importantly, data allows you to operate more efficiently. You’re able to have faster dispatching and see where your drivers can cut down on mileage, leaving them to get to their jobs more quickly and more often. If you get a last minute or an emergency job from a customer, you’re able to see what operator is the closest to that job, which allows you to notify and send the closest and right operator for the upcoming task. Faster dispatching lets you spend less on fuel and maintain great customer service!

Better communication between the office and field operators

We all know communication is key when it comes to having a successful operation. Your back office staff and field operators should have a smooth channel of communication when working on jobs. Electronic field ticketing allows drivers to receive everything from their mobile devices. You no longer have to call or text your drivers about what job is next. As soon as the driver logs into their mobile device, they’ll be able to see what jobs are listed and where to go to first. They’ll no longer have to come into the office for paper work, allowing them to get to their jobs faster.

As the day goes on, real time data is transferred to the office, which lets them know where the driver is and what stage of the job they are performing. Custom work flows for the technician will allow them to fill out the work orders properly and correctly. You’re able to have mandatory fields so the technician won’t skip any steps that are critical to record keeping and customer billing. The quicker you’re able to submit correctly filled out tickets, the faster you’re able to get paid!

Electronic field ticketing can be an amazing system for your business if you have it tailored to your needs and it’s an up to date product. Looking into a new system may be too overwhelming to consider and may seem like a difficult process. Industry experience, along with a qualified project manager, will help you through your deployment to answer any questions or concerns in order to help make the move that much smoother.

AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS) is the leader in developing solutions and increasing efficiency to help reduce overall costs in your organization. Learn how we can create a custom integration for your system today.

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