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This past year has been challenging for all industries. Every fleet professional in North America right now is trying to find ways to cut costs and eliminate wasteful spending. Many have realized they need a more sophisticated platform to help analyze their data and identify where they can make improvements in their technology.

In addition to the value you get from your GPS/telematics solution for vehicle tracking and telematics data capture, its is important to understand the additional value available in driver behavior monitoring.  From improving your safety records, focusing driver training efforts and reducing liability, driver monitoring technology provides strong value to your organization and is an important element of your GPS/telematics decision.

AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS) wants to show you why you should choose us as your next solution. We’ll help you achieve your goals and see a greater ROI while helping keep your drivers safe on the roads. We put together some reasons why you should choose us as your solution to help you improve your operations.

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What is Driver Behavior?

Driver behavior monitoring lets you analyze undesirable activity such as speeding, swerving, hard braking, and unauthorized use as well as track idling costs to eliminate wasteful driving habits, increase ROI and keep your costs down.

Studies have shown that fleets using telematics and driver behavior technology, can not only help to reduce the number of accidents by 20% to 30%, but they can increase operational efficiency by at least 10% through improved logistics, back-office administration, maintenance schedules and fewer vehicles out of service for repair.

Reducing Direct Labor Costs

Fleet professionals that manage a mobile workforce might face the challenge of having little visibility into how drivers and operators are spending their time. Using driver behavior technology, managers can see vehicle history for a specific day, including stops and idling events. It’s a simple way to see how efficient workers are with their time, and where opportunities exist for improvement.

You’ll no longer have to worry if one of your operators has been idling their vehicle for too long or speeding along the highway to get to their next job. You’re able to set thresholds and receive event notifications to let you know what vehicle went over the threshold. With the rising prices of fuel, finding vehicles that are wasting it can go a long way. Thirty-six percent of companies in 2019 say they lowered their fuel costs with the help of telematics and driver behavior technology. Being able to cut down on wasted fuel costs and improve your preventive maintenance schedules can help you lead a more efficient operation.

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Reports and Vehicle History

There might be times where you want to go back and see what vehicles might have been speeding or harsh braking. Vehicle history allows you to see a bread crumb trail of when events occurred on each vehicle. You can pick any vehicle and select a date range of when the vehicle was in use. This allows you to see what vehicles might have been experiencing bad driving habits. This can all be generated in a report or you can include these events in a driver scorecard. This allows you to address your concerns with the driver and show them how to improve on their bad habits.

AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS) GPS/telematics integrates with your current FleetFocus system to help you improve your operations. Our driver behavior technology works hand in hand with our telematics system, making sure you capture the most accurate data to make the best decisions for your fleet.

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