FSS – Distracted Driving Month

Distracted driving awareness month

Although practicing safe driving procedures should always be a focus, the month of April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and this might be a good opportunity to review safety practices with your drivers and take a look at some updated statistics over the past year.

According to Finder.com, 138 million Americans admit to being distracted by driving. And out of all the generations, millennial are the most likely to be distracted by some type of activity. One of the most dangerous statistics produced was that one in three Americans had admitted to driving over the speed limit. That means at least 70 million Americans are speeding behind the wheel, and possibly being distracted while driving.

America averages 16 million vehicle accidents every year, and it’s never a bad idea to review safety procedures and company policies with your drivers. Safety is a team effort that isn’t just for drivers. You should team up with your maintenance team or your third party service company monthly to make sure all vehicles are getting the necessary repairs and are living up to company standards and PMI compliance. You should also get with your dispatchers to go over procedures and scheduling to make sure drivers are not being pushed and feeling fatigue.

If you haven’t already done so, creating a manual for the drivers to keep in their trucks would be a great addition to your safety operations. It should include cell phone use, wearing a seat belt, what to do in case of fatigue, and steps to complete in case of an accident. Your efforts will not only protect your drivers, but also others on the road!

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