Best ELD Devices of 2022 – 5 Reasons to Choose AssetWorks

best eld devices, electronic logs, hours of service
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With the ELD Mandate in full swing, choosing the best ELD devices for your fleet is crucial now more than ever.

Having a solution that keeps you in compliance for Hours of Service (HOS) will make sure your drivers and vehicles are safe on the road.

The right decision can lead to simplified compliance, increased safety and a greater return on investment of your fleet. Rushing the decision or simply deciding based on the lowest price offering can lead to many consequences such as unreliable technology, and searching for a new solution all over again.

Here are the top five reasons why AssetWorks ELD is the right choice for your fleet:

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Company History

With the announcement of the ELD mandate, many new companies began to appear in the ELD market due to the increased opportunity, but they may lack the experience required to switch fleets from paper to electronic logs. Additionally, hours of service regulations are complex, and some new providers are not thoroughly testing their devices before listing them as an ELD.

With over 35 years of deploying in-cab mobile computing devices and fleet management technology, AssetWorks Field Service Solutions has a proven track record of success. By implementing and cautiously testing our ELD products, we provide confidence to our clients that our products meet the requirements of the ELD mandate and hours of service, while offering additional functionality.

AssetWorks is a financially stable and reliable company, so you can be certain that we are an ELD provider for the long-term, and will update our devices in the event of any regulatory changes. The best ELD devices for your fleet is right here at AssetWorks.

Customer Support

Your business is more than just your typical “9 to 5”, so why should your support be? Our North American based customer support team is second to none. When implementing a new solution, you will receive a dedicated project manager who works directly with the project deployment and research and development teams. They’ll help your team make the transition to the paperless system and answer your questions throughout your deployment. Making sure you no only have the best ELD devices, but also the best experience possible.

Our team prides themselves in solving complex problems for our clients, and all members of the team work together to provide innovative solutions. Everyone on the team is solely focused on helping our customers get the best service. That’s why day or night, our customer support team is open 24/7 to make sure we’re meeting your needs.

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Custom Solutions

At AssetWorks, we know that a cookie-cutter approach does not work. We understand that no two fleets are the same and there may be some custom functionality that we can provide to enhance the efficiency of your operations. We lead our initial meetings with questions to understand the business of our clients, and then customize our product. There’s no need to convince us to help you with customization because we are flexible with custom requests from the initial meetings.

Beyond ELD Compliance

An inexpensive ELD can help you be compliant with your hours of service, but our multi-function integrated ELD solution goes far beyond ELD compliance for a greater return on investment. As a provider with a broad offering of solutions, we can deliver long-term value in comparison to a provider that is just ELD. An mobile workforce management solution, or electronic ticketing, can streamline your process, give you a faster payroll, and deliver a great ROI. Our integrated systems are designed to work for you. We don’t stop at having the best ELD devices.

electronic logging device, Best ELD devices, electronic logs
electronic logging device, best electronic logging devices, best eld devices, hours of service

Variety of ELD Platforms

Each fleet has different priorities depending on the work environment, truck type and desired functionality beyond just ELD. A smartphone/tablet option may work for one fleet, but a rugged computer would be a much better option for a different fleet. You should have the flexibility to choose different platforms for all the different vehicles you may have. That’s why AssetWorks offers all variations of ELD solutions and can work with you to choose the best eld devices for your company depending on your top priorities.

When it comes to deploying a new ELD solution, it can be an stressful time. AssetWorks will help you take some of the pressure off and make sure it’s a smooth transition into your new solution. With over 35 years experience, AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS) is an industry leading software system that will help provide a Project Manager to help answer questions while training your team and deliver outstanding 24/7 customer support team through your deployment journey and beyond. Schedule a free demo today!

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