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Have you or any of your drivers recently been in a situation where you were driving, and you discovered that your ELD wasn’t working properly? Instead of getting it fixed right away or replaced, you keep putting it off and tell yourself, “I’ll get it fixed later.” That mindset can cost your business a lot of money.

The ELD Mandate specifies that carriers must replace broken down ELD equipment within 8 days of an issue. Depending on when the replacement order is placed and how variable the shipping times are, you might be looking at a tight window to receive your new device.

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Game Plan

So, what’s the best solution to prevent being fined and staying within that 8-day window? Spare parts. Spare parts are vital assets for maintaining productivity. Managers need to think long term so that they can develop more of a predictive strategy compared to a reactive strategy. You and your fleet should be ready for any situation, so operations can continue as normal in the event of an issue. Managers need to evaluate the type of hardware and parts their fleet might need. Depending on the fleet size and the job, a more rugged device does not need as many spare parts as a semi-rugged or non-rugged device (Ranger vs MDT7 tablets).

Researching Lead Times

No matter the industry, it’s virtually impossible to never run out of stock of parts. It will eventually happen from time to time. If vehicle downtime is not an important aspect for your company, parts that can be acquired quickly and easily can be left out of your inventory and stocking plan. However, if vehicle downtime means fewer jobs to work and it means a significant financial loss for your operation, businesses can’t afford to take a day of lost work. Doing some research and finding what parts have long lead times or have no expediting options can help you plan. It’s always good to keep extra parts on hand that might have long lead times to avoid a rush.

New Equipment is No Exception

Managers and fleet professionals will say at times, “We just got this equipment installed. We don’t need spare parts anytime soon.” That’s where businesses don’t think ahead, and instead they sit back and wait for the situation to happen. Mobile technology, no matter what industry you’re in, is never perfect. What could be working great for you one day can easily be slowing down on you the next. Especially considering the “wear and tear” that your drivers may put on the devices and the jobs they do. Part failure upon startup is a common occurrence unfortunately, but preventive maintenance can go a long way.

Having the proper spare parts on hand, especially when deploying a new technology, will eliminate downtime and save you some headaches along the way. Taking time to really think what would be more cost effective: ordering some spare parts to help you in the future, or rolling the dice and taking the risk of losing a day or two of work while your vehicles is down, can make things a whole lot easier.

If you just deployed a new technology, it might be best to do some research now and find what might be best for your business. Need help? AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS) customer care team is here to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Want to learn more about ELDs and finding a solution that fits your needs? AssetWorks FSS can help you stay compliant and find the best ELD solution for your business. Schedule a demo today and see why you should switch to AssetWorks as your ELD provider. 

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