Asset Tracking to the Rescue

On November 10th, 2017, Courtlin Quinn, Fleet Manager at Quinn Contracting Ltd. was called by the RCMP and notified that one of his vehicles was involved in a chase.

Luckily for Quinn, his vehicles are equipped with AssetWorks ME50 fleet tracking units. He immediately logged into AssetWorks Field Service Solution (FSS) software, pulled a speed report and located the stolen truck. “We were able to provide the RCMP with the exact location of the vehicle allowing them to quickly locate and recover it”, said Quinn.

After speaking about the incident with Manuel Prieto, Project Manager at AssetWorks, Quinn learned about some additional useful functionality in FSS that he had not been using.

Prieto told Quinn about the Unauthorized Movement feature. The Unauthorized Movement functionality gives fleet administrators the ability to monitor asset movement outside of specified time periods. You can set a time frame where you want to be notified in real-time if a vehicle moves.

“We now have set up Unauthorized Movement for our fleet and will receive immediate notifications in the future if any of our vehicles are moving when they shouldn’t be. This allows us to act even quicker and proactively should this ever happen again” said Quinn.

At AssetWorks, we care about our customers, and our staff – like Manuel – want to help our customers thrive with our solutions.

“Thanks to AssetWorks for their system as without it we certainly would not have recovered our vehicle,” said Quinn.

The ME50 is an easy-to-install device that helps fleet managers better utilize their assets and reduce costs. By being fully integrated with AssetWorks FSS, the ME50 offers enhanced functionality to eliminate unauthorized vehicle usage, reduce fuel consumption, and improve driver safety and more.

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asset tracking finds truck

Courtlin Quinn’s truck found in the woods. A snowy November day in Alberta.

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