5 Reasons to Look into a New Telematics Provider

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What is one technology that all fleets must have today? If you answered “a reliable GPS and telematics system,” then you are well on your way to achieving fleet success. As time goes on, fleets should always be reevaluating their current systems and making sure they’re staying up to date with the solutions that are currently being offered in the market and ensuring they are receiving the greatest ROI possible.

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Reason #1 – Data that Increases ROI

Is your current telematics system giving you the data you need to analyze your overall fleet? Using data to find how to improve your vehicles’ overall lifespans is crucial in managing a fleet. Driver behavior technology allows you to take an overview of your fleet’s usage. Speeding, idling and hard braking are all undesirable driving habits and can cost you a ton of money if not properly handled.

With real-time data, you’re able to improve your fuel savings just by seeing where your drivers might be performing unnecessary idling or speeding through neighborhoods. Improving bad driving habits leads to better safety and reduces liability. Now, you can sleep better knowing that you don’t have to worry about your drivers being hurt in an accident or your vehicles getting damaged.

Most importantly, data allows you to operate more efficiently. You’re able to see where your drivers can cut down on mileage, which leaves them able to get to their jobs more quickly and more often. If you get a last minute or emergency job from a customer, you’re able to see which technician is the closest to that job instead of scrambling trying to find a technician that would be able to go. You’re able to notify and send the closest and right technician for the upcoming task. Faster dispatching lets you spend less on fuel and keep great customer service!

Reason #2 – Current Hardware is too Expensive

Do you have a variety of different vehicles or different jobs, but couldn’t get one provider for all your needs? Many fleets run into this problem, leaving them to reach out to multiple vendors trying to find solutions. Fleets then run into the issue of having multiple vendors, with multiple payments, which do a variety of different solutions, but not all in one product. This can be pricey at the end of the day not just for hardware but for the multiple wireless/SaaS plans – and not to mention the additional complexities in managing multiple technology platforms.

You need to consider what solution would be best for your business – a product that offers a solution no matter what the job entails. Whether you’re looking for a consumer grade tablet for everyday use, a rugged mobile computer for those harsh environments or even something in-between that’s a durable device, you shouldn’t have to run a round looking for multiple vendors to try to fit your needs.

Reason #3 – System Flexibility

Does your current system limit you on how you can do work? No two businesses are the same – everyone has their own way of processing and working with their customers. You should not have to feel limited on how your technicians fill out work orders or how your system lets you communicate with your current customers.

Ensure that your system can be tailored to your needs, including integrations to both your existing office systems and even integrations to your customer’s office systems.  These types of flexible integrations eliminate manual entry for both you and your customers, reduce errors and they eliminate time on the phone and checking emails, which lets you get more jobs done and offer highly differentiated customer service over your competitors.

Reason #4 – Streamline your Process

Is your business operating as efficiently as it can be? Is it still taking you days to bill your customers? When business use outdated systems and manual paper based processes to conduct their day to day operations, they’re leaving a lot of time and money on the table.

Electronic field ticketing gives you the real time data you need for same day billing which improves your bottom line. You’ll no longer have to wait days for customers to receive their bill of having one of your staff members reenter a paper work order. Streamlining your workflow is radically simplified, which leads to improved response times, faster dispatching, lower fuel costs, better maintenance and improved communications.

Reason #5 – Better Customer Service

The backbone to any good business is having good customer service. Good customer service should extend to your telematics provider as well. Whether its day or night, you should feel comfortable contacting them with any questions or concerns you have about your solution. Many vendors will leave their customers “high and dry” after the pilot, leaving them to try and figure things out on their own. Your telematics provider should offer support during the pilot phase to make sure you’re comfortable with the new solution and after the sale to make sure it continues to run smoothly.

Overall, when considering a new GPS and telematics provider, you want to make sure you have a trusted name in the industry. For over 35 years of experience in the public and private sectors, AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS) with GPS/Telematics technology is the leader in developing solutions and increasing efficiency to help reduce overall costs. Learn how we can create a custom integration for your system today.

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