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Enchanced Driver Based Reporting – To facilitate driver behavior analysis, the suite of individual behavior reports were upgraded to provide better driver centric visibility with the reporting tool.

GeoFence Circle – while the geofencing tool allows for sampling point and click geofence building for any shape, the GeoFence Circle feature provides a quick methodology to create a simple center pioint and radius for a circular GeoFence where a detailed poloygon is not required.

GeoFence Import/Export – this is a new tool that allows for all Geofences and associated triggers to be sent to Ranger devices which ensure that entry/exit of Geofences will triggered at all times and especially useful when small geofences are used in areas that may be traveled through quickly.

Behavior/Event Heat Map – with a change to make the history snail trail/GPS reports optional in the vehicle history modules, users can run a history and see if certain behaviors from all drivers are clustered in certain areas.  An example may be that a certain corner is generating more than desired harsh turns or braking and this feature would allow you to see a “heat map” of icons that show all the different vehicles that have the same events in the same location.  This facilitates in training drivers about potential trouble sports on your routes.

Work Order Reference # – The work Order reference number format has been expanded to allow for more options. Previously the format was limited to a series of alphabetic characters and then a series of 0s or #s indicating the number format. This has been expanded to support custom numeric format strings.

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