From Functional to Fabulous: Help your Customers See the Potential in Surplus Assets

It seems everyone these days is turning into a DIY enthusiast.  With the popularity of websites like Pinterest and YouTube there are tutorials and ideas for upcycling just about anything. This means your surplus warehouse may be a treasure trove just waiting to be explored.  By featuring some of the ideas and tutorials below in your warehouse or sharing them on your social media channels, you can show your customers the potential in surplus assets and maybe even draw more visitors to your warehouse. Snag a few ways to upcycle surplus assets and start sharing them today!

Wood Pallets
From accent walls to furniture, the ways to re-use wood pallets are seemingly endless.  Click here to see thousands of unique ways to transform this resource from mundane to magnificent.

When some people look at old technology, they see junk.  With an open mind and a little creativity, an old computer can become a cat condo or an old TV a fish tank. Click here to check out some inventive ways old technology has been repurposed.

Old bikes are a great resource for all kinds of DIY projects.  From their tubes to their frames, they offer a wide range of options for the craft oriented.  Click here to see some creative ways old bikes are being used today.

Filing Cabinets
These drab metal boxes might not look that interesting just sitting in your surplus warehouse, but with some creativity and a few craft supplies, they can be turned into a functional piece of furniture.  Click here to learn how.

There never seems to be a shortage of chairs in a surplus warehouse.  From your typical folding metal chair to your stiff upright wooden relic, people everywhere are giving all types of chairs a fresh new look.  Click here for a few examples.

Kitchen items
Old colanders, teapots and silverware are getting new lives in the form of chandeliers, lights and general household decorations. Click here for a look at some of the ways creative-minded people are making the most of these items.

Between turning old CD holders into bagel storage devices and making use of old frames as serving tables, there are plenty of creative ways for people to provide new life for items that might’ve otherwise been tossed into a landfill. DIY experts are filling up their blogs with plenty of resources for taking on that next green project.


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