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MobileFocus Enterprise:

The next generation of AssetWorks fleet management software.

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MobileFocus Enterprise combines the 35+ years of fleet management experience of AssetWorks with the next wave of mobile technology solutions. The MobileFocus Enterprise suite includes the FleetFocus EDGE fully responsive interfaces, the Fleet Connect suite of disconnected mobile applications, the SmartApps suite of connected mobile apps and the MobileFocus Handheld with integrated barcode scanner.

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MobileFocus Enterprise provides better data in less time to aid in making decisions that have long-term benefits for the organization– no matter where you are. 

What’s included in the MobileFocus Enterprise suite:

FleetFocus EDGE

FleetFocus EDGE brings the power of AssetWorks FleetFocus fleet management software anywhere, with a fully responsive design and user interface and workflow experience improvements.

Fleet Connect and SmartApps

Fleet Connect and SmartApps provide your most mobile employees with powerful fleet management features in both connected and disconnected environments.

To learn more about the SmartApps, click here.

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MobileFocus Handheld

Rugged and durable handheld devices, paired with AssetWorks technology, provide reliable features, including barcode scanning and inventory management.

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