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Track all your shop’s lubricants and fluids effectively

Fluid management made easy.

Designed to accurately track the storage and dispensing of fluids, oils and greases in vehicle maintenance facilities, Lincoln Industrial’s versatile LFC 5000 Fluid Control system integrates with AssetWorks FleetFocus fleet management software. The integration allows technicians to treat consumable goods in a similar fashion to how they handle parts. Dispense events are captured instantly and automatically to eliminate manual entry and errors. These events and costs are attached to work orders where they are available for all management tasks, including historical reporting. As the consumable inventory is dispensed, the shop inventory is updated in real-time so that fleet managers know when to replenish fluids.


  • Designed for easy, flexible use
  • Manages up to 32 fluids and 300 dispense locations in one system
  • Designed for durability
  • Contains these major components: dispense unit, combination unit, keypad and virtual keypad
  • Designed for easy installation


  • Improved accountability by accurately tracking and accounting for dispensed fluids
  • Time savings through the reduction of manual data entry
  • Improved workflow through automatic, real-time verification of the appropriate fluid based on configurable settings with control down to the work order level
  • Increased security though flexible settings that allow managers to control who can use, program and monitor the system
  • Increased efficiency with the ability for technicians to dispense a variety of fluids and lubricants from the keypad

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