Inside Look: Capital Asset Management (CAM) Product Guide2020-10-02T11:09:03-04:00
Capital Asset Management (CAM) guide for vehicle life cycle cost analysis and fleet procurement

Inside Look: AssetWorks CAM for Vehicle Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Many fleet management organizations today do not accurately track vehicle life cycle costs or analyses. Instead, they rely on non-integrated platforms, like spreadsheets or even paper systems, to make important decisions for the fleet as a whole. With AssetWorks Capital Asset Management (CAM), fleets no longer have to wonder if their vehicle and asset data is correct.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • CAM’s four primary modules: Analytics, Planning and Budgeting, Procurement and Remarketing
  • The different types of unique assets managed in CAM, including mechanical asset, including vehicles, rail and off-road equipment, trailers and towed
    equipment tools, stationary equipment and machinery and more
  • How CAM integrates with fleet management and ERP systems
  • How CAM’s Life-Cycle Cost Model uses cost and operating data extracted from the maintenance system to calculate a Mean
    Equivalent Annual Cost (MEAC)
  • and more!