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Keeping everyone—maintenance, dispatch, and vendors—on the same page for better customer service

Improved Customer ServiceOne of the challenges every organization faces who does have Vendor Services as an integral part of their maintenance process is keeping all facets of the business informed in a timely matter. Most FleetFocus clients do this utilizing phone calls and emails. The problem is all of the information is “pushed” to the other interested departments in the company and many times people are not available to either answer or otherwise respond with needed answers to questions. It is frustrating to leave voicemail after voicemail with someone who needs to approve work that needs to be done in order to get the revenue producing piece of equipment back in service.

One of the primary benefits of the AssetWorks Vendor Gateway is to make available more tools and processes to everyone involved in the course of a Vendor Service. That means Maintenance, Dispatch, Accounts Payable and the Vendor supplying the service all have a place to go to find out not only where a Service Event is in the cycle but also query and respond to anything that needs a response to move the event along as quickly and efficiently as possible. That will translate into fewer phone calls and up to date information at everyone’s fingertips. Dispatch knows when to expect a piece of equipment back in service, Maintenance knows how the repair is progressing and can respond in a timely fashion to any questions that may arise, AP will know if a Vendor Service Invoice is ready to be paid and the Vendor knows exactly what service is approved and can submit an Invoice that matches the work that appears on the Work Order.

By closing all the time gaps in the process, the length of time a piece of equipment is out of service translates exactly to how many pieces of equipment are needed for the FleetFocus client to perform their mission which then translates right to the bottom line.

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