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Fleet management is becoming increasingly data driven, with technology like connected vehicles, telematics, and in-vehicle AI generating more data in all segments of fleet operations. Take control of your fleet data for optimal reporting and analytics.

The AssetWorks Asset Analytics Platform is a cloud-based solution consolidating internal and external asset data sources to deliver next generation business intelligence content, standard KPI/metrics, visualizations, and self-service reporting so fleets can make data driven decisions.

Example fleet reports within the platform cover:

Explore some example reports across fleet utilization, maintenance operations, and telematics:

Report: Asset Utilization History

In this report, managers can view and understand life-to-date mileage, average annual and monthly mileage, and more so they can accurately analyze and report on fleet utilization.  

Report: Asset Operating Cost Summary

In this report, managers can analyze and report on all costs associated with fleet assets, including labor, parts, commercial, and energy. 

Fleet report showing asset utilization history
Fleet report showing asset operating cost summary
Fleet management labor productivity report
Fleet management maintenance summary report

Report: Current Labor Productivity 

In this report, managers can view and understand their shop floor operations, including direct and indirect labor hours, average cost per hour, and overall productivity percentage. 

Report: Maintenance Summary (12 months)

In this report, managers can analyze and report on maintenance spend, work order count, labor cost and hours, and parts and commercial transactions over the last twelve months. 

Report: Asset Monthly Trip Summary 

In this report, managers can view and report on monthly trips by asset, including average trip length and count of trips by day/length. 

Fleet report for telematics trip summaries

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  • Dynamic and interactive reports and analysis tools 

  • Drive innovation and excitement through reporting 

  • Integrate data from multiple sources 

  • Overall visibility across all levels and KPIs 

  • Create custom views for unique fleet needs 

  • Filter data by location or department 

  • Create 1-page views for executive or leadership level reporting 


  • Industry-leading data engine

  • Seamless data movement through APIs from customer data source to cloud data lake 

  • Customer-dedicated cloud environment and database 

  • Data engine transforms raw data into standard data sets for fleet reporting 

  • Out-of-the-box standard content 

  • Customer access to data sets to develop own content 

  • Compatible with desktop and tablet technology  

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