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Asset Life Cycle Management

An effective approach to life cycle cost analysis

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When was the last time you considered asset life cycle management and how it relates to the costs of your fleet vehicles and assets? Vehicle life cycle cost analysis is difficult to complete and often not done due to outdated databases, manual data entry and non-integrated systems.

With the Analytics & Planning modules within AssetWorks CAM, fleet and asset managers can instantly calculate asset life cycles, forecast maintenance costs, create custom plans and much more– analyses that typically take weeks to generate! 

Understand how CAM Analytics and Planning works for fleet organizations

Demo: Maintenance Forecast
Demo: Plan Manager
Demo: Asset Analysis
Demo: Defender/Challenger

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  • Asset life-cycle cost analysis through the use of Category Reference Models, Custom Models and additional out-of-the-box models and tools

  • Maintenance forecasting through advanced integration, analysis and calculation involving Maintenance Repair Units (MRU)

  • Asset Replacement Scoring and Forecasting where CAM estimates the optimal month that the asset is eligible and its resulting replacement cycle for subsequent replacements

  • Custom reporting, analyses and dashboards that allow you to take parts of saved reports and consolidate them for easy monitoring of key performance measures and trends


  • Automatically select, evaluate, and forecast an asset’s replacement as well as its subsequent replacement for up to 30 years in the future

  • Efficiently create and execute plans, including baseline, strategic, tactical, growth/initiative and contingency plans

  • Adjust and forecast plans with  visual summaries along with available functionality to filter any of the columns in the plan and sort by one or more columns

  • With advanced, integrated budgeting, you have the ability to set up capital budgets to plan and track asset purchases over one or more fiscal years, and can be fleet-wide or broken up

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