And the Winner of Best Fuel Card is…

With the 2018 Emmy Awards in our rearview mirrors, there have been a lot of winners being talked about: “Outstanding this…” or “Best that…” But why let television have all the fun? Fleet and fuel deserve some love too! Let’s talk about fuel purchasing: what is the best fuel card? More importantly, why is it TRIPCard? Well I am glad you asked! Let’s look at five reasons why:

1. TRIPCard is Highly Customizable

The best fuel card should be perfect for your unique organization! TRIPCard can be customized with enhanced controls like daily, dollar and location limits. It can even be used to enact limits on the number of transactions per user. These settings can help keep you exactly where you want to be: in control of your fuel costs.

2. The Best Fuel Card is Integrated

The data from your TRIPCard is integrated into the FleetFocus fleet management system and FuelFocus fuel management system in near real-time and billings can be set to your organization’s fiscal periods. With nearly instantaneous updates, you can expense, audit and manage your costs as soon as possible. Instead of reviews and verifications taking upwards of a week, you can be done in less than a day!

Best Fuel Card TRIPCard

3. Complimentary Liability Protection

Like any significant charge card, the best fuel card should be protected against unauthorized employee charges. Numerous stories have arisen of organizations discovering that their fuel costs were exceptionally high because their employees were taking fuel off-site without authorization or payment. TRIPCard comes with standard complimentary liability protection just in case you need it.

4. Usable Across North America

Just like an award-winning TV show should be relatable to large audiences, the best fuel card should accessible to a lot of people! With TRIPCard, which is backed by Mastercard, your fuel purchases are accepted at nearly 190,000 sites and maintenance purchases are authorized at 490,000 locations across North America.

5. Highly Reportable

Finally, the best fuel card should be able to tell you everything you need to know. Data from TRIPCard can be used within FleetFocus’ reports and dashboards, with notifications sent for rejected or approved transactions. With this interface, you can see which cards, vehicles and users are using the card, for how much, how often and more. The analytical, cost-saving potential is incredible!

There you have it: five reasons that TRIPCard should be the best fuel card! Don’t just take our word for it, however. Read a case study about the State of Oklahoma and their use of TRIPCard here. Are you ready to take control of your fuel purchasing and save valuable time and resources for your organization?

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