“Don’t Miss” Tips about the AssetWorks Virtual Academy

Is it almost time for the Virtual Academy already? My, how time has flown by! We hope that you are just as excited as we are about the new live sessions, recordings and networking opportunities that this Academy will bring. Speaking of, here are a few features and tips that we wanted to make you aware of before the big event comes around. Check them out!

Check Your Audio

In the midst of everyone working from home, some of the major virtual meeting services are seeing unprecedented spikes in the number of active users. As a result, some providers will experience minor disruptions in service or delayed audio and visual connections. Fear not – AssetWorks is aware! We understand that the clearest (and often the most comfortable audio device) comes from using a computer headset. With that being said, sometimes there will be issues that negatively affect the computer connection and not the phone connection. We would certainly like you to enjoy your preferred method of audio connection for the Academy, but if you are experiencing delays or disruptions with your method, we recommend trying the other way.

Connecting by computer: This is the easiest method. When connecting to the session, the WebEx pop-up window will prompt a computer connection first if it detects that a headset is plugged in. Click connect and enjoy!

Connecting by phone: If you are connecting by phone, be sure to change the drop-down option to say connect by phone. A list of numbers should appear for you to call. Select the one that applies to you and dial in. Once connected and the operator speaks, enter the access number; when she speaks again, enter your ID (remember the pound signs both times!)

Connecting by phone (alternate): If dialing in also presents a problem, you can select the final option: “Call me.” Here, enter in the number you wish to be called at, and follow any on-screen or phone-based prompts, if applicable.

*Note: all phones will be muted so Q&A will be via the WebEx chat tool. Along the interface bar at the bottom of your screen, look for a chat icon or Q&A icon. Enter your questions there.*

Virtual Networking

Obviously, networking is a huge part of the in-person Academy experience. Due to the circumstances, we would like to encourage networking on LinkedIn. Of course, you can interact and reach out to others at your own pace at any time, but we wanted to help facilitate helpful conversation that might stimulate sharing of best practices. These conversations will take place at 1:00pm EST each day (M-F) of the Virtual Academy week (April 6-10). These discussions will take place exclusively on the AssetWorks Fleet Showcase page. Please navigate to the page linked and “follow” the page so that you can see the conversations right away!

Alternatively, the QR code below links to the page, in case you were preferring to use your phone for discussion and networking.

virtual academy

On-demand library

As a reminder, if you cannot attend the sessions live, we are adding them to the on-demand library. You must be registered to the Virtual Academy to access this additional library.


That’s just it – take notes! These are sessions provided to you to help supplement the unfortunate cancellation of the in-person Academy. So, just like the normal Academy, take notes of what you have learned and share with any colleagues that couldn’t make it!

Additional training

If you want AssetWorks staff to teach or provide additional services, we’re always available for training. Please navigate to this link to find the contact information for who you will want to reach out to. Please keep in mind that with the severe restrictions to travel there may be delays or alternative methods of services provided.

There’s still time, don’t miss out on this incredible FREE opportunity. Click this link to be directed to the Virtual Academy page and sign up now!


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