3 Benefits of Upgrading (or Investing in) Fuel Management Island Controllers

If you’re currently utilizing fuel Island Controllers, or you’re thinking of investing in them, you may be tempted to stick with the status quo. You also might think that the cheapest, fastest option will be the most convenient for your fleet. More likely than not, those solutions will cause you more headaches and ultimately solve nothing. In order to make the most of your fuel Island Controllers, your fuel management software and your investment, you should upgrade and go for the most efficient option. Take a look at 3 major reasons below:

1) Outdated Technology

As time goes on, the likelihood of hardware failures in fuel Island Controllers with older software or operating systems increases. To add more urgency to this, the supply of older parts for replacement is dwindling. Fleets could be put in a situation where hardware failures at an Island Controller cannot be repaired in a timely fashion.

Upgrading (or investing in from the start) your Island Controller to the most efficient version of its software and hardware will give you peace of mind that your parts will be available should hardware failures happen.

The hardware found in the newer Island Controller systems is also superior to that of the old systems from a data storage standpoint. The upgrade comes with a newer, faster Central Processing Unit (CPU) and a larger data storage unit. In some cases, you may find that your storage amount increases nearly tenfold!
This extra space will also allow for the applications running on the Island Controller to be updated to a more current/stable version more regularly.

As the industry begins to brace for the expected trends of the future, the ever growing risks of data breaches are also a concern. Your older software/hardware may no longer be supported with security or content patches. Upgrading to a more secure version of your software should ease the mind of any IT administrator.

Island Controllers

2) Faster, More Reliable Hardware in your Island Controllers

Like many fleets, yours may be developing and growing at an astonishing rate. If you are growing, then your hardware and software needs to adopt at a similar speed. If not, you run the risk of falling behind the industry and suffering from backlogged data. With a faster, more reliable system, your increased data capacity allows for the Island Controller application to be updated, thus adding new features in a more regular interval.

A strong fuel Island Controller provider will have a dedicated Professional Services team that will schedule and perform upgrades of this kind. The entire Island Controller “head” will be replaced, and testing of the upgraded Island Controller will be included to ensure full functionality. In addition, the upgrading team will be able to come in and leave much faster if you are updating at regular intervals, instead of once your system is out of commission.

Keep in mind, the potential hardware that may face replacement during this period include:

  • CPU Board with higher RAM and CPU processing power
  • Outdated compact flash disk replaced with much larger data drive
  • New pump board for fuel counting and monitoring
  • Ability to interact with the system using a straight-through Ethernet cable, as opposed to an older crossover cable.

3) Noticeable ROI

The best way to maximize your ROI is to proactively perform maintenance and upgrades – not wait for a system failure. If older hardware fails, replacement parts might not be as readily available, which could greatly increase Island Controller downtime. At the end of the day, that would be your bottom line that takes the hit. For example, drivers may have to fuel at other locations and submit more paper forms for more book-keeping.

If you’re looking to reclaim upwards of 15% in fuel costs annually, then you’ve come to the right place. With AssetWorks FuelFocus fuel management software, you can expect improved data accuracy through verifying drivers and vehicles at the pump to ensure correct fueling. In addition, with real-time data integration with FleetFocus fleet management software, you can capture real-time information at the pump which you can use to analyze and make important decisions later. Finally, you have the freedom to go green by embracing green fleet initiatives through measuring and securing your current fuel, as well as having the option for alternative fuels if you choose to implement them.

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