Wakefield Council Earns Success with Fuel Economy through AssetWorks

As if winning the APSE 2018 Service Award for Transport and Fleet Maintenance Service wasn’t enough, Wakefield District Council has managed to net another impressive accomplishment: significant improvements in fuel economy and emissions through the use of AssetWorks FleetFocus fleet management software and Thomas Group’s Fuel Bright fuel additive.

Petrol fuel economy

Wakefield District Council is devoted to reducing their negative impact on the environment by adapting their fleet practices for the best and latest innovations. Over the last three months, Wakefield Council implemented DIESEL 1000 fuel additive into their 500 fleet vehicles, split between buses, trucks and LCVs.

By maximising their efficient utilisation of the Fuel Bright fuel additive and AssetWorks FleetFocus software, Wakefield was able to track fuel economy and consumption, along with a host of other customisable and informational metrics.

Their results were inspiring.

With over 8,800 recorded fuelings in this time frame, they realised fuel savings of 2.12%. On top of that already impressive number, every single one of their tested vehicles displayed significant reductions in negative environmental impacts.

How did Wakefield do it?

Pete Johnson, Service Manager for Transport Services Wakefield Council, stated that he was happy with the “resounding success” of the trial. As a whole, the Council is looking forward to achieving even greater fuel economy with their new fuel additive from Fuel Bright and powerful fleet management software from AssetWorks.

Want to know more about the positive steps that Wakefield District Council has been taking? Click the button above to read AssetWorks’ case study on the Council – it goes into more detail about exactly how AssetWorks FleetFocus is working for them!

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