How Wakefield District Council Won the APSE 2018 Service Award

In April 2018, Wakefield District Council received the APSE (Association for Public Service Excellence) Service Award for Transport and Fleet Maintenance Service. This award is given to local authorities and public sectors in the United Kingdom who have strong frontline teams and operate with special initiatives, such as efficiency upgrades in fleet renewal. By using software that assisted Wakefield in managing their costs, long-term planning and automated reporting, Wakefield was able to achieve ECO Stars Fleet Recognition, the Truck Excellence certification and DVSA Earned Recognition despite austerity. These three achievements served as the foundation to their success in winning the APSE 2018 Service Award. Here’s how:

ECO (Efficient & Cleaner Operations) Stars Fleet Recognition

The ECO Stars encourages operators of fleet vehicles to run their fleets in the most efficient manner possible through six key pillars:
1) Fleet Composition
2) Fuel Management
3) Driver Skills Management
4) Vehicle Specification & Preventative Maintenance
5) IT Support Systems
6) Performance Monitoring & Management

Wakefield’s demonstrable achievements in these six pillars earned them the ECO Stars Fleet Recognition. The Council primarily focused on improving the operational efficiency of their vehicles and reducing fuel consumption in order to run their fleet in a fashion that is consistent with their values of promoting eco-friendly initiatives. This recognition goes beyond what has already been accomplished, and allows ECO Stars to continually provide Wakefield with advice on how to make further improvements with their fleet operations.

Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Earned Recognition

Wakefield was a pioneer in the development of the DVSA’s Operator Licencing Scheme. Since 2015, Wakefield has been continually sharing data with the organisation in order to complete mock audits. In December 2017, Wakefield partnered with the DVSA and was officially audited by the Freight Transport Association (FTA). The District then became the first Local Authority in the United Kingdom to win the DVSA award. The Wakefield team said, “The most significant steps in achieving this were preparation… working with our software providers (AssetWorks & FTA).”

The Wakefield team being presented with the Earned Recognition award

Pictured: the Wakefield team being presented with the Earned Recognition award.

Truck Excellence (FTA)

Wakefield has been a member of the FTA, and their Operations Manager a member of the Regional Committee, for over twenty years. They follow their Truck Excellence model, which reflects the standards and expectations of the Office of Traffic Commissioner. In January 2018, after completing a thorough audit, they were awarded with the Truck Excellence certification. Wakefield District Council fulfilled the standards set forth by the certification by providing noticeable and consistent high levels of compliance in their independent audits.

AssetWorks FleetFocus supports Wakefield Council’s initiatives by providing the tools to help them avoid unnecessary costs with maintenance scheduling and labour tracking. FleetFocus also provides technology to extend the useful life of vehicles with extensive vehicle tracking, effective maintenance scheduling and robust reporting.

AssetWorks is proud to play a part in Wakefield’s success, and we are excited to see what they will accomplish in the future!

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