Royal Mail: Persevering through the COVID-19 Pandemic

“We’ve kind of gone from being a letters delivery company who deliver some parcels, and we’re headed towards being a parcels company that delivers some letters,” said Mick Sadler, a Postman with the Royal Mail. Due to the unprecedented volume increase in parcel deliveries as a result of the Stay at Home orders, Royal Mail had to radically adapt to ensure safe, secure and effective service to their customers and employees (who were essential and exempt from Stay at Home).

The video below displays a poignant look at Royal Mail throughout this past year, revealing upgrades in fleet management to keep the increased number of Royal Mail vehicles on the road, overtime staffing to process the mail, and technological improvements to ensure efficiency. One thing is abundantly clear in the video: Royal Mail succeeds due to the hard work, passion and dedication of all of the employees who work and serve there.

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