Royal Mail Expanding SMR Fleet Services Pilot Programme

Royal Mail, the UK’s largest fleet operator, announced an expansion of its pilot programme sharing service, maintenance and repair (SMR) fleet services with third party fleets. The pilot programme began after an organisation-wide refocus on new revenue opportunities, and originally only featured six of its workshops. The programme has been ongoing for over 15 months.

Royal Mail Chief Operating Officer (COO) Moya Greene gives the programme her full support, and even alluded to the programme’s impact in the organisation’s 2015/16 financial results.

Director of Royal Mail Fleet Paul Gatti explains why its time for the pilot programme to expand from its original six shops.

“We quickly concluded we couldn’t do it through just six sites,” he said, “Our USP is our national network of 110 workshops.”

The organisation added an additional 20 workshops to the programme, and has since opened up the programme to 81 shops. All remaining shops will join the programme over the coming months.

“We started slow,” he said, “but now we’re ready to go.”

The services provided by Royal Mail workshops are aimed at trucks (including double-deck trailers) and vans, but can also accommodate cars.

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