Telematics, Meters and the Great, Big GPS Adventure

Is there a faster way to identify problems in my fleet before they reach the repair shop?

If you’re reading this, you may already know that most new automobiles contain a set of codes that identify a problem with vehicle. These are known as or Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). You may also know that your fleet repair shops look up these DTCs to determine what might be going wrong with the vehicle.

What if you could somehow know the exact problem before it ever reaches the repair shop? In today’s world, that is actually possible. Your solution is telematics. This will help save you time and money since you will know ahead of time that your vehicle needs to be serviced and you will know what specifically needs to be repaired.

With telematics, DTC code alerts are tracked remotely. This way, you can rest assured that all maintenance issues are completely accounted for at the moment the problem occurs. This gives time for fast service so that the vehicle can then go back into use in the field.

Can this “telematics” do anything else for me?

Absolutely! Technology has come a long way in a short amount of time! Here are a few other extra features that telematics can help deliver.

Meter Readings

Maybe it’s simply not enough to just see a problem at the exact moment. What if you need to know the likelihood of a problem occurring so that you can be prepared? If it’s been so long since your pickup truck has been in for service, how do you expect to know where its mileage sits? Certainly you could send staff over to check each and every vehicle on a regular basis, but let’s consider this: how much time and money do you think is eaten up on a mundane task? Fortunately, telematics can help deliver real-time meter readings so you can be confident you know what the age of your fleet is looking like. Your staff can then use their valuable time elsewhere.


Diagnostic data

Preventive maintenance of your fleet is also critically important. Levels for resources such as engine oil, transmission fluid and brake fluid are not something to be taken lightly if you wish to preserve the life of your fleet. Regular checkups are important to help maintain the life of any automobile. With telematics, fluid level are record and transmitted back to you. This means saved time and money, as well as your technicians will be able to use their time on more important tasks.


Welcome to the 21st century. With telematics, it is also possible to keep track of and maintain your fleet’s locations at all times while they are off the lot. In fact, you would like to keep track of what kind of routes any of your vehicles are taking. This can help inform you on what kinds of habits your drivers have (detours, personal errands, etc.) which in turn helps you to communicate with your drivers on better ways to save time and fuel.


With telematics, you can now determine how fast your drivers are going if their speed has breached a certain threshold. This can help your drivers keep their speeds down which can prevent problems such as driver’s license revocations, speeding tickets and accidents.

Fleet Size Reduction

Just like paying monthly fees on television subscriptions you hardly ever use, wouldn’t it be nice to save money on a fleet that is hardly ever utilized? Even if it’s just a small percentage of your fleet, the cost of the insurance and maintenance can really add up. With telematics, you can now keep tabs on just how frequently specific vehicles are actually being used. This can help avoid wasted money and effort on vehicles which spend more time sitting in the lot.

With AssetWorks GPS and Telematics, you can gain a better understanding of your fleet through near real-time vehicle usage and historical data. Telematics data can also promote fuel savings by encouraging improved routing and scheduling. In addition to proactive maintenance, telematics can help you manage risky driver behaviors, like speeding, idling, harsh braking or unauthorized use.

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