Getting Smart with: Motor Pool Management

More and more fleet organizations today are moving forward with motor pool management, and it’s easy to understand why. Motor pool technology has many obvious benefits, like reduced fleet size and administrative staff.

A motor pool is a system of vehicles to be checked out by customers who have a need. Motor pool management software helps track vehicle check-out, customer reservations, billing and more. If you’re considering investing in motor pool management technology for your organization, consider these additional benefits:

Increase utilization of low-use vehicles

With an effective motor pool management solution, fleet managers can pull accurate utilization reports for vehicles. This access to information allows fleets to compare vehicle costs with utilization history. If a vehicle is historically low-use, they can add it to the motor pool rotation, which increases employee access.

An automated motor pool management system, like the AssetWorks KeyValet, also increases utilization. Without an automated solution, a motor pool user could return a key during off-hours, leaving the vehicle to sit in lot, unused, until an employee updated its location information when business hours resumed. With KeyValet, the automated key box updates vehicle location when keys are returned, so a new user can reserve the vehicle sooner.

Promote car-sharing with Ride Share options

In today’s sharing economy, the option for Ride Share programs in fleet operations is gaining popularity. Ride share programs allow employees to check-out vehicle from a select pool, instead of assigning company vehicles to certain employees. Combining motor pool and Ride Share programs helps fleet organization increase vehicle utilization while right-sizing their fleets.

To read more about Ride Share programs and if they’re the right choice for your fleet, check out this article from Automotive Fleet Magazine. 

Provide flexible hours for vehicle access

A key benefit of motor pool systems is immediate and convenient access to vehicles. Without an effective motor pool management solution, customers cannot access their reservation information easily.

With the AssetWorks KeyValet, motor pool customers have 24/7 access to their reservations, histories and more. They can even edit or cancel reservations directly from their smartphone or tablet with the AssetWorks Reservation Center mobile app. Reservation Center is a part of the SmartApps suite of mobile applications.

Gather passive odometer and telematics data from on-board systems

When managing a fleet of vehicles, it is important to know detailed information about each vehicle. Motor pools offer fleet organizations improved access to maintenance information, vehicle histories and odometer readings. With this information, fleet staff can easily determine effective maintenance intervals, so motor pool vehicles can be taken out of rotation for preventive maintenance procedures.

The AssetWorks KeyValet integrates directly into FleetFocus fleet management software, so your motor pool data isn’t kept in separate data silos from your fleet data.

Provide real-time notifications to operators and motor pool staff

Everyone in the fleet industry knows that real-time information can make or break fleet operations. Effective motor pool management software systems provide operators with real-time vehicle information, so they can make the best decisions for their fleet.

With real-time information, operators know which vehicles are available, the status of current reservations and accurate odometer readings and maintenance information.

Motor pool management made easier with KeyValet

The AssetWorks KeyValet is a comprehensive motor pool management software system for fleets. The system manages all aspects of running a motor pool, like customer reservations, vehicle check-out, billing and vehicle maintenance. KeyValet integrates directly into FleetFocus fleet management software and AssetWorks Reservation Center SmartApp, so your motor pool users can access reservations on-the-go.


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