Sheltering in Place or Otherwise, AssetWorks is with You

The world is changing and adapting at an astonishing rate. For most people, this is the most confusing and unsettling time that they can remember. Others, across the world and across the generations, may remember wars, outbreaks or refugee crises that required the world to work together for a common goal. Right now, many regions have started adopting “shelter in place” policies that would require individuals to stay home except for essentials: food, medicine, walking the dog, and some others, differing from policy to policy. While we all settle in to changes in our behavior and daily routines, we cannot lose sight of our common goal: to protect everyone that we share our planet with.

Generally speaking, this refers to physical protection. We practice social distancing and self-quarantining to limit the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible, giving our healthcare systems a chance to react and respond to new and developing cases. There are other ways that we can, and should, protect each other, however. We are all subject to the whims of the bucking economy and the drain that this may have on our collective mental health. In a humorous (yet cruel) twist of fate, those of us that called for the ability to work from home are now balking at the prospect of being forced to stay home. Despite our changing world and our current sentiments, AssetWorks is here for you, and for the citizens and customers that rely on you every day. Below, you’ll see a series of photos and tips. We surveyed our teams and have compiled things that we hope will help you feel settled in your homes and see new ways that you can keep things interesting and make the most of this time. Before we get started, we wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to anyone that is, or knows of, a first responder or medical professional who is risking their safety to help us combat the virus. We see you, and we thank you. To anyone who has lost a loved one, or who is suffering though this illness, our hearts are with you. AssetWorks is with you.

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Diana Francis, Lead Technical Support Representative

“Here’s what I get to see every day! My 2-year old Germ-Lab-Sky Otis and his various sleeping positions!”

Lynn Sons, Proposal Manager

“Working From Office Alone…with our server infrastructure managers and practicing social distance from each other!”

Jaclyn Jagodinski, Director of Marketing

“Day 1: Covering mom and her desk with stickers while she is on a sales planning call. Day 2: Bought a new desk out of desperation… coloring a shamrock and doing puzzles!”

Jay Doherty, Lead Quality Assurance Engineer

“My coworker is ‘hard at work.'”

Doug Heisler, Quality Assurance Engineer

“My commute to the office now takes 10 seconds. I have to fill up my tank with coffee each morning, though. Rush hour involves navigating past a cat and an 82 year old mother-in-law. Inclement weather now involves the occasional coffee splash on the floor, which is promptly cleaned.”

Doug Henstridge, Professional Services Manager

“When a four legged family member is eager to help with that WebEx session, but then decides to just phone it in.”

Brian Murray, Software Developer/Engineer

“Office closed? No problem. Gym closed? No worries – still doesn’t mean I will use it.”

Kevin Connolly, Sr. Graphic Designer

“My ‘coworker’ keeps messing around. Got my pen and wrote on himself, then fell asleep on the job.”

Kevin even treated us to a performance of his “Quarantine Blues.” Check it out below!

Ben Swanson, Software Development Manager

“Here are a couple of pics from my lunchtime walk down the road. Beautiful day in North Spokane County.”

Serena Worobel, Product Director

“Benson is a 14-year old Beagle mix. He thinks he’s mine, yet – he’s actually our neighbors’. Since our yard is connected, and Benson has known me since he was a puppy, he 100% thinks he has two houses. When he found out that I was home, he howled and whined until I let him be part of my work from home setup.”

Joanne Morrison, Software Development Engineer

“Here’s a picture of my cozy office, including my office assistant, Goldie, who brings me toys on a regular basis.  Just have to be careful when I roll my chair back that I don’t trip over them all.”

Mike Koebel, Sales Director – FSS

“I like my new boss, except he is a bit of a micro-manager.”

Check out these additional tips:

“‘Sheltering in place’ for California means only essential activities, which still includes going outside! If your state receives a shelter in place order, remember that you CAN likely still go outside depending on the verbiage of your state. Read the policy carefully. If possible, be sure to take advantage of that fresh air by going on bike rides in the nice early spring weather!”

“My biggest tip would be to support your local businesses as best you can. Everyone knows about ordering take out with curbside pick up but trying calling local shops to see if they also offer pick up for non-food items. I ordered some toys and books from my local shop over the phone and picked it up curbside…No human contact needed. Best of luck everyone!”

“My tip would be to read in your free time. Since Working From Home, I feel like my screen time was increasing a bit too much for my liking, so I’ve been reading some books I had that I never got around to in the past. I also have a library card with my local library and you can even check out ebooks via the Libby mobile app with most libraries if you have an eReader.”

“When able, ask merchants if they will accept some sort of digital payment instead of cash when you visit (Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, online CC/Debit payment) so your interactions with touching are limited.”


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