6 Ways Your Fleet can Save Money with Motor Pool Management

#1. Efficient Staff Sizing

An effective motor pool management solution can run your motor pool and reservation operations without the need for any additional dedicated staff. With software that communicates between the motor pool controller and employees’ desktops or mobile devices, each person can be responsible for creating and adjusting their reservations, and the software will do the rest!

#2. Maximize Working Time

Your employees save time through the automated, accurate processes within the AssetWorks KeyValet system, allowing them to work on the tasks that matter to your company. Instead of walking down to the reservation desk, waiting in line, and filling out paperwork only to find out there’s an issue with the vehicle you want, employees can create it with a few taps of their fingers.

The software maintains data on all the vehicles – when they are reserved, when they are returned, and when they are in for maintenance – allowing workers to focus on the more crucial aspects of their jobs.

Car key and motor pool system

#3. Service and Access Whenever You Need It

The AssetWorks customer service team is determined to provide with the best possible care that you can receive. They are available 24/7 in order to help you with any issues that may arise so that your work is not disturbed.

In addition, the KeyValet systems are available for access and reservation 24/7. Never again will important business, transportation, or other emergencies be deterred by an inaccessible motor pool. Get your keys when you need them!

#4. Integrated Software Systems

KeyValet integrates directly with FleetFocus and FuelFocus software systems to provide accurate statistics and reported data to empower your billing, budgeting and managerial decisions.

With recorded computer readouts from your vehicles, you can determine when cars are due for preventative maintenance, their fuel levels and which cars are reserved more or less often than the other cars, helping you to optimize the size and makeup of your fleet.

#5. Flexible Growth

KeyValet is designed to grow or shrink in scale with your future motor pool needs. You will always get just the right amount that you need to succeed in the fleet industry – no more paying for excess or struggling with too little.

#6. Real-Time Reporting

With KeyValet, wireless odometer readouts compile with other trip data in real-time and are imported into FleetFocus. From there, you can have your motor pool users identify if there were any problems with the vehicle during the trip and you can even allow the system to open a work request automatically. No surprises when it comes to reserving vehicles in your motor pool!

Not sure if motor pool management is right for your fleet? The AssetWorks KeyValet is a comprehensive motor pool management software system for fleets. The system manages all aspects of running a motor pool, like customer reservations, vehicle check-out, billing and vehicle maintenance.

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