5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Software

For long-distance runners, there are many factors that contribute to reaching your personal best. Success during a person’s running career relies on 3 things: Giving it your all in every run, supporting every member of your team or community and getting new shoes every 300 miles. Running in an old, worn out pair of shoes can result in painful injuries and a possible early end to your athletic career.

While you won’t hurt your knees or hips if you don’t upgrade your organization’s software, there could still be negative repercussions when sticking with the older version. From wasted time to heightened employee frustration, the negative side effects of your outdated software aren’t beneficial to your company’s continued success.

Just as investing in a fresh pair of running shoes can keep you healthy, upgrading to the latest version of software can help your company. Here’s how:

1. It reduces costs

The newest version of your software wasn’t created to pick your pocket; in fact, the updated version will have likely fixed annoying bugs or glitches in the older version, which will save your staff time and headaches and, in turn, will save you money in the long run.

2. It increases productivity

When software grows outdated, its issues start to become increasingly obvious. It’s buggier, slower, and more frustrating to deal with on a regular basis. The updated version will try to streamline the processes your staff uses every day, which saves them valuable time.

3. It boosts staff morale

If you don’t upgrade your software, your staff will notice. Old versions of software makes their lives more frustrating. By keeping up to date with the technology, you’ll save your staff from software-related headaches. A happy staff makes for a happy working environment!

4. It keeps you a step ahead of the competition

Picture this: While you’re weighing your upgrading options, your competition has already switched over to the newest version. Their staff is already a step ahead of yours. That’s bad for business. Keeping up to date with your software can even the playing field, or even put your company in 1st place where it belongs.

5. It pushes you to reach your personal best

In the fleet and asset management industry, you always need to be moving forward. If you don’t, you will find yourself wondering, “What possibilities have I missed? What limits have I not exceeded?” Just as practice can help runners shave a few extra seconds off of their best times, keeping up to date with software can help keep your business improving.

Replacing old running sneakers can keep entire teams happy and healthy, and the same goes for replacing older versions of your company’s software.

Interested in learning more about the upgrading process for fleet management software? Click here to learn more.

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