6 Questions to Ask Before Investing in Fuel Management Software

It’s no surprise that fuel costs account for one of the largest portions of a fleet’s operating budget. While you may have to accept the fact that fuel prices will unpredictably rise and fall every week, you don’t have to accept that your budget has to suffer. With today’s new technology, an integrated fuel management system provides fleet managers with the tools they need to succeed, like real-time device communication, increased pump security and alternative options for fuels. Before you purchase a fuel management system, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is the software a good fit for my organization?

AssetWorks customers have a proven track record of success with FuelFocus technology due to its ease of use, functionality, product quality and cost efficiency. FuelFocus is also integrated with FleetFocus fleet management software, so all information is contained within one database . You can read about one of the many success stories of integrating FuelFocus with FleetFocus in the case study here.

2. How is the customer support?

Each person on the AssetWorks support team is dedicated to solving your issues as they arise. They are here to answer your questions and provide additional knowledge to help your fleet function more effectively. When choosing a fuel management software company, one of the most important decisions is to have a great support staff. We are working together as a team for your needs and are available 24/7. You can check out the video below to see a testimonial about how our Customer Support Team works.

3. What are the parts availability?

Our warehouse is stocked and staffed to accommodate next day shipments of 95% of our parts to most places if needed. Most orders are shipped ground within a day or two of receipt, at no additional cost.

4. Is there a warranty and extended warranty available?

There is a one year parts warranty on all FuelFocus parts. We also offer the extended warranty, which covers everything on our FuelFocus Island Controller and our Wireless Automated Fuel Antenna(s).

5. Will there be a downtime in the transition between the old and new systems?

No. At AssetWorks, we understand the importance of your operations, so we come prepared! We have an initial site visit to determine your needs because we want you to be just as prepared as we are, with no surprises. We have site preparation requirements that give you a checklist to perform in order to comply with “FMS READY” (Fuel Management System).

6. I have a small fleet, why do I really need a fuel management system?

That is the great thing about fleet tracking: not only does it heighten the way you do business, it offers a return on investment by helping you save on fuel, reducing distance traveled and bringing down costs. If you are a small business owner and are just simply interested in tracking your vehicles, not all the other features we offer, we can accommodate you as well.

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