Product Spotlight: AssetWorks SmartApps Suite of Mobile Applications

Not long ago, many fleet organizations did not have a comprehensive fleet management software system. As fleet technology developed and improved over time, more and more organizations were able to invest in and benefit from this software. But fleet technology didn’t stop there. Today, fleets around the world are investing in mobile applications for their fleet systems, so they can manage operations right from their smartphones or tablets.

The AssetWorks SmartApps suite of mobile applications was created with fleet organizations in mind. Our apps benefit a variety of roles within the fleet industry, including technicians, drivers and more.

Meet the AssetWorks SmartApps suite of mobile applications:

App: WorkCenter

User: Technicians


Fleet technicians juggle multiple, competing priorities on any given day. With mobile technology, their workload becomes more easily managed. WorkCenter captures real-time labor and indirect time for technicians as they go about their days on the shop floor. With WorkCenter, fleet technicians view all of their assigned work on their smartphone or tablet. This SmartApp allows techs to view past time cards and work order details, and is perfect for any technician or field personnel who uses AssetWorks FleetFocus regularly.

View a video demo of WorkCenter here.

App: Reservation Center

User: Motor pool users


Mobile technology and SmartApps can substantially improve the convenience of motor pool operations for end-users in many ways. Reservation Center allows motor pool users to book and manage their motor pool reservations through their smartphone or tablet. This app integrates directly into FleetFocus and KeyValet motor pool management system.

View a video demo of Reservation Center here.

App: MyVehicle

User: Drivers


MyVehicle is an app in the SmartApps suite that gives fleet drivers an enhanced look into their vehicles. This app provides drivers with information about any vehicle that is assigned to them in FleetFocus. With MyVehicle, drivers can also report incidents, review work order (WO) history, change parking locations, view upcoming preventive maintenance work and input meter readings– all from their smartphone or tablet!

View a video demo of MyVehicle here.

App: Inspections Checklist

User: Inspectors


As our society grows increasingly paperless, the SmartApps suite can help inspectors keep up with necessary forms from their phone or tablet. Inspections Checklist helps minimize paper forms for any type of inspection, including pre- and post-trip, preventive maintenance, annual condition assessments and more. This app can also alert supervisors whenever an asset or vehicle fails an inspection.

View a video demo of Inspections Checklist here.

With the AssetWorks SmartApps suite, your fleet organization can count on the ease-of-use, convenience and integration with FleetFocus fleet management solution.

To learn more about our mobile applications, click here.


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