5 Non-Fueling Applications for your Fuel Management System

The capabilities of the AssetWorks FuelFocus fuel management system are not limited to fueling. There are many other vehicle related expenses that add up which most users aren’t tracking. Some of these really add up depending on the user’s actions and the usage levels. Since the Fleet department usually pays for these services, other department employees fear no repercussions for using them too much. If their bosses get an invoice for these services, abuse drops dramatically. At the same time, some product usage may not be abused but it is definitely worth tracking.

Let’s take a look at five beneficial non-fueling applications for your FuelFocus fuel management system.

1) Car Wash

FuelFocus can control and track different wash types and bill different charge amounts to other departments. Excessive car washing is costly for chemical usage, water consumption and equipment maintenance. With proper tracking and actionable data, management can confidently restrict or allow washing as it fits within the budget.

2) Pressure Washer

Additionally, FuelFocus can control and track pressure washer usage. Your client will be billed for every six seconds of usage. If they want to take their time and wash for 33 minutes and 36 seconds, their boss will receive a bill for 00:33:36. Wash chemicals are expensive, and the newer “green” products are very expensive. The rate you charge will pay for power, chemicals and maintenance. Similarly to car washing, this transactional transparency encourages efficient pressure washing habits.

Fueling Applications

3) Vacuum Cleaner

Noticing a trend here? Just like pressure washing, FuelFocus tracks vacuum sessions every six seconds. Vacuum users tend to spend a long time using them. When their boss gets a bill showing their employee ran the vacuum for 25 minutes cleaning a vehicle, it usually won’t happen again. The rate you charge will pay for power and equipment maintenance.

4) Air and Water

Do you have an unattended site with tire air and/or water? FuelFocus can control and track usage. You can choose a set maximum usage time and charge a flat fee or charge every six seconds up to a maximum time. This is beneficial for instances where the public may have access to your site. Only your employees can use these products and when they do, their department will get the bill. If some departments are filling tanks or water trucks in an inefficient manner, it can really add up. Air charges will pay for power and compressor maintenance, giving your financial recordkeeping a more detailed view of your cost breakdown.

5) Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Finally, while DEF is fuel related, it is largely still a parts room item stored in one-gallon jugs. Many manufacturers are now making DEF dispensers for the common fuel island. These can be controlled and tracked at the island – eliminating trips to the parts counter and saving time. This also frees up quite a bit of storage space in the parts room. Effectively managing DEF with your FuelFocus system allows your fleet to optimize the space and resources that you have.

AssetWorks FuelFocus is helpful for many users that wish to track a number of non-fuel products and workflows. When you realize that everything costs money and that fleet management usually gets stuck with the bill, it makes sense to try to track and bill as much as possible.

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