8 Benefits of Software-Based Fleet Motor Pool Management

More and more organizations are moving forward with fleet motor pool management, and it’s easy to understand why. A motor pool is a system of vehicles to be checked out by customers who have a need.  If you’re considering investing in motor pool management technology for your organization, consider these major benefits:

Decrease the size of the motor pool fleet

Are you trying to right-size your fleet? Motor pool management can help!

In a software-based motor pool management system, manager can run reports that track vehicle utilization. These reports help managers determine if pool vehicles are being used properly and efficiently– or if they are sitting for long periods of time– to warrant a reduction in the number of vehicles in the pool.

Reduce time, resources and costs associated with managing pool vehicles

Before investing in a motor pool management solution, many people aren’t aware of the many areas of improvement they may see across their organization.

Through the system, managers can automate and track maintenance records, odometer readings and vehicle usage. This saves staff time through an increase in data accuracy and a decrease in manual data recording.

With an automated system, no full-time attendee is needed to administer motor pool dispatches and returns. Billing processes are also streamlined through sending usage bills through automatic reporting.

Car key and motor pool system

Improve the tracking of pool vehicles

Do you know where your pool vehicles are at all times? With a software-based motor pool system, you can– whether they’re in the shop, the yard or out on a trip.

Through the system, your operators and staff can also receive real-time notifications and updates on their reservation.

Increase fleet vehicle utilization

Many fleet organizations today are concerned with right-sizing their fleet. With fleet motor pool management, fleets can ensure their vehicles are being properly utilized through the automated system. In the system, automatic scheduling, dispatching and returns help to reduce vehicle downtime.

Increase motor pool vehicle usage flexibility

Without an automated fleet motor pool management solution, your staff can be left in the dark regarding motor pool vehicles. They aren’t sure where a vehicle is, when it will be available or if it has preventive maintenance (PM) due.

With an automated solution, drivers are able to reserve vehicles online, see what vehicles are available for their desired time slots and reserve a particular vehicle or type of vehicle.

Mobile Fleet apps in parking lot

Easily bill the appropriate departments

Typically, accurate billing can be a challenge for fleet organizations using motor pool systems. With an automated motor pool solution, however, invoices are able to be sent out to the department that reserved the vehicle. These invoices are also made available immediately after the vehicle is returned to the lot.

Accurate and improved reporting thanks to real-time data collection

Your motor pool vehicles shouldn’t feel like a mystery. Through the automated system, vehicle mileage is automatically updated when vehicles are dispatched and returned. You can also program maintenance alerts based on mileage to automatically be sent through the motor pool system. This leads to increased knowledge and transparency for your organization.

Improved customer service

For fleet organizations, customer service is king. The key to excellent customer service is convenience, and automated motor pool systems help improve convenience and ease-of-use for motor pool users.

Through the system, drivers are able to reserve vehicles online at any time (even during off-hours), pick up keys right before their reservation time slot (again, even during off-hours), and pick up and drop off keys for a vehicle without an attendant present.

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