Keeping Up with Fleet Maintenance During the Winter Months

As the icy months of winter begin to loom over the horizon, we have to think about the most efficient ways to keep up with our fleet maintenance. Every day could bring a new challenge: ice-covered roads, a foot of dense, slushy snow or even malfunctioning or frozen equipment.

So what do you do? How do you recover from that kind of setback?

Well, the best answer to those questions is to not let your concerns about fleet maintenance wait until you are in the thick of a winter storm. There is no better time than now to start preparing.

Use Your Network

The people that know fleets and fleet maintenance best are the people that manage it for a living. All across the world there are individuals who manage, direct or oversee fleets and all of their intricacies. Collectively, these people have likely undergone nearly every scenario that could involve a fleet and can tell you how they were able to overcome it. In addition, they’ll have useful information about which equipment, vehicles and services are worth investing in, and which ones aren’t.

If you’re too busy to get connected with people right now, there are hundreds of online or in-print publications that discuss best practices for fleet maintenance and management. In addition, these publications possess interviews with industry-leaders and often have invitations or announcements about conventions that may be beneficial for you to attend.

So what are you waiting for? Get connecting!

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Start Preparing Now

If you don’t want to have to worry about running into broken equipment or other winter-related issues at your yard or on the road, you have to start preparing before winter gets here. Stock up on salt, brine, calcium or whatever you use to help clear away ice. Make sure your vehicles and your inventory are topped off with antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid and effective window scraping tools. In addition, your fleet should have their batteries checked for charge levels, as well as be outfitted with portable charging packs if necessary.

Let’s not forget about your drivers and technicians!

Make sure your facility has functioning heaters on hand, coats and other cold-weather gear and winter-based checklists. These small items can make a world of difference for your employees as they combat the bone-chilling weather and the new demands on the fleet maintenance.

Make Use of a Powerful Fleet Maintenance Software

One of the most important things that you can do to ensure your fleet’s success this winter is to stay on top of preventive maintenance (PM). If your vehicles need an oil change, tire rotation, brake job, headlight replacement, realignment or any number of vital fleet maintenance jobs, you could find yourself in a rough spot. It’s already dangerous and costly to operate vehicles when they are not performing at their peak efficiency, and that fact is only exacerbated in hazardous cold-weather conditions. If you stay on top of PM, GPS, fuel efficiency and all sorts of other telematics, your vehicles will be in a much better shape when winter rolls around.

The best way to keep track of and manage all of these aspects of your fleet is to invest in a powerful fleet maintenance software.

What is the right fleet maintenance software?

This software should be able to:

  • Keep up-to-date, accurate records of all of your fleet data
  • Provide reports, dashboards and KPIs on your important figures
  • Track PM, fuel, GPS and other telematics
  • Integrate seamlessly with other useful software, like fuel management, enterprise asset management and mobile apps
  • And much more!

AssetWorks FleetFocus possesses all of the important features above, as well as dozens more. Are you preparing your fleet for the winter months? With FleetFocus, you can make sure that all of your data is up-to-date, and that you are tackling PM and other issues as soon as they arise, so your fleet is always at the top of its game.

Interested in seeing exactly how FleetFocus can help your fleet this winter? Fill out the form below and one of our representatives will contact you about a custom demo soon!


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