New M5 Mods: January 2020 Newsletter

M5 Mod# 2- New System Flag/Billing Functionality (System Flag 5491) – a New Way to Bill Labor Estimates!

What it does: When set to Y, billing can now bill labor estimates without an actual labor entry(no actual labor logged to the job). Billing code must be set to bill estimates for labor for this to work (Proper setup required, please reach out to the M5 team with questions).
Be careful: Always exercise extreme caution when changing a billing flag – it may have unintended consequences if not thoroughly analyzed against current practices, needs and processes.
Version Availability: v18.0.9/v19.0.2

There are multiple ways in M5 to customize how labor is billed – the newest option is introduced with flag 5491:

Flag 5491 when set to N: preserves existing functionality – which means that when you’re billing either labor, or labor estimates, actual labor still needs to be logged on the job for something to be billed (if billing code bills actuals, it will use actual time logged, if estimates, it will use the estimated hours set on the job).
When set to Y(new functionality): regular labor estimate billing rules still apply (such as where the labor rate comes from) – but now there is no need for actual labor to be logged on the job in order for it to be billed. Use caution if switching this flag, as there will be no warning that actual labor was not logged against the job – it will bill anything with a labor estimate (provided the billing code in use is set up appropriately). Actual labor can still be entered, but is not necessary when labor estimates are being billed.

For more information, please contact the M5 Support Team. 


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