M5 Customer Crossword Puzzle

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  1. Browser compatible with M5/FA.
  2. The go-to company for your Asset Management needs.
  3. M5/FA add-on for budjet projections.
  4. Replacement for M4.
  5. First name, last initial of an innovator in electric vehicles.
  6. Popular brand of tools.
  7. Basic asset tracked by M5/FA.
  8. Alternative to a cab.
  9. Asset Work’s Fuel Solution
  10. Option for fleet management (sister program of M5).
  11. Add on module/equipment for Motor Pool.
  12. First name of AssetWorks’s COO.
  13. Basic information for a type of asset.


  1. AssetWorks product to assist with infrastructure.
  2. Department you need to implement AssetWorks’s solutions.
  3. AssetWorks’s legacy portable solution.
  4. A way to set up inventory counts.
  5. Browser compatable with M5/FA.
  6. A way to keep track of your vehicles’ travels.
  7. Computers need it to run programs.
  8. A way to rent a vehicle, AssetWorks style.
  9. What to do on the web.
  10. Legacy product that M5 replaces.
  11. What M5 or FA can be used to manage.

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