You, Me and KeyValet: How Motor Pool Management Brings your Fleet Together

When it comes to managing a motor pool, you may experience a number of challenges. Your mobile and dynamic drivers will likely be checking in and driving to a variety of different locations. Trying to effectively utilize every asset and track the information that you want to about them may seem almost impossible.

That’s where integrated motor pool management software comes into play.

If you’re looking for a total solution for reserving and monitoring the availability status of your vehicle assets so that all of your data is brought together, then this software is for you. Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits that you may see:

1) Effectively Manage your Motor Pool

Access to the key-storage box and to the individual keys is under your complete control. You decide who has permission to remove each key, and with the advanced communications capabilities within your motor pool management solution, you always know who removed a key and when it was taken.

2) Reduce Cost and Time with Automation

Your organization may experience cost savings come from running your motor pool without additional staff. Subsequently, your fleet organization reclaims precious manpower and time through automated reservations and accurate, integrated odometer readings. Finally, you can customize the flexible display configuration for vehicle assignments, such as lowest mileage, highest mileage or random to further expedite the reservation process.

3) 24/7 Access to Reservation System

With online access for customers to reserve motor pool vehicles 24/7, you can be sure that your fleet is as mobile as it needs to be, at a moment’s notice. Automated confirmation emails are sent directly to the customer with a reservation-specific confirmation code so each user has the exact information they need.

4) Single, Secure Database for Motor Pool, Operator, Asset Maintenance

KeyValet uniquely provides a single application on a single database to manage every aspect of operating a motor pool – completely integrated with an industry-leading fleet management solution. Additionally, customers can rely on a single supplier to support the entire solution.

5) Reports and Billing in Real-time

Through integrated billing, reporting and KPI/Dashboards, your fleet can appreciate accurate reports and billing based on data collected in real-time. In addition, your integration with this fleet management software will allow you to make use of Business Intelligence, which utilizes detailed reporting with drill-down capabilities, customizable dashboards, trend analysis and event-driven notifications.

motor pool

6) Enhance Asset Utilization

As an option with an RFID device, real-time odometer readings and trip data from motor pool vehicles can be recorded as vehicles begin and end their trips. These odometer readings update your fleet management software in real-time, reducing data entry time and errors. As a result, you may experience greater diagnostic data and predictive maintenance capabilities, allowing you to extend the useful life of your assets.

7) FleetFocus Telematics Data Integration

With the comprehensive integration to FleetFocus, you will receive actionable data through the Telematics module. Not only can GPS and Telematics offer real-time data about the location and activity of your vehicles, but it can also play a vital role in helping you maintain your vehicles. Because our GPS solution communicates directly with your vehicles’ on-board computers, critical data such as meter readings and diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) are transmitted into your maintenance system. Use these accurate and frequently updated meter readings as the foundation for your preventive maintenance program. Create service requests automatically when DTCs are reported. The automated communications can be a time-saving tool for your maintenance department.

Want to learn more about the Telematics module? Read this recent in-depth blog!

The KeyValet automated motor pool solution integrated with FleetFocus fleet management software solution makes automated processes possible that might not be available for customers using multiple systems. The benefits of using a single fleet management software and motor pool management system include cost savings from running and/or expanding a motor pool without additional staff, time savings through automated processes, greater accuracy for reporting and billing based on data collected in real-time, and improved customer service providing a motor pool that can be accessed 24/7.

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