Four (More) Reasons Why Automated Fueling is Right for You

It wouldn’t be fair to try and tie up all of the benefits of Wireless Automated Fueling in one short blog. In fact, it was nearly effortless to round up an additional *four* reasons why Wireless Automated Fueling should be a staple service in your fleet. If you want to check out our blog detailing three of its benefits, check out this link. If you’re curious about how else your fleet’s fueling processes can be improved, just keep reading.

1) Accurately capture meter readings.

Have you or someone you know been the victim of fat-fingering the wrong digit on the fuel island keypad? You may be entitled to a better, automated future with FuelFocus. FuelFocus and Wireless Automated Fueling cut out the middlemen (your drivers) from having to manually input the mileage. The amount of time that can be saved by not having to correct errors when this information is automatically and accurately recorded at the fuel island can result in drastic benefits for your organization’s efficiency, data accuracy and available man-hours. In addition, this data accuracy will result in more optimal forecasting for your fleet’s preventive maintenance.

2) Wireless Automated Fueling Security

Are any of your drivers trying to pull a fast one on your system? Peel the wool from your eyes with the advanced security of Wireless Automated Fueling. Your drivers can no longer look across the parking lot and enter a vehicle number that they happen to see. There have been countless stories of several employees pulling out pieces of paper with vehicle numbers on them. They would all use these vehicle numbers because they knew it worked in the system to receive fuel. New safety features remove this unauthorized fueling possibility, as well as they prevent users from removing a nozzle and inserting it into a different vehicle, further distorting MPG and fueling records.

wireless automated fueling

3) The ability to capture measurements

Hook, line and sinker – you’re catching some big fish now! The software and hardware associated with Wireless Automated Fueling allows the measurements and data that are working in your fueling system to be captured and reported on within your fleet application. As a result, you can appreciate accurate, up-to-date data in real time, without having to worry if anyone is going to remember to type it in. Your fleet application can crunch the numbers and provide you with visual representations of your data in graphs, KPIs and more. Don’t let the big one get away! Capture the data you want, when you want it.

4) Modular – can add on to the vehicle identification box

Is your V-I-B ready for a V-I-P treatment? Wireless Automated Fueling VIBs (Vehicle Identification Boxes) are modular, so now your fleet can do things like track external devices. These could include snowplows and dump truck beds. At the same time, your boxes can be outfitted with powerful passive GPS technology to give you a more holistic view towards the activity and efficiency of your vehicles (not to mention an advantage in case one of your vehicles is stolen). Last but not least, your boxes can make use of a Dallas Key – a device to identify who is driving the vehicle and even restrict who can drive certain vehicles. This allows you to more intelligently monitor and track the exact usage of your vehicles.

If all seven of these benefits sound like fueling improvements for your fleet, then you want to check out AssetWorks FuelFocus and its integrated Wireless Automated Fueling. With it, you can appreciate and take advantage of time savings, accurate data, telematics capturing, security, modular integrations and much more. If you’re looking for non-fueling applications that can accompany FuelFocus, check out this blog.

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