The Five “Locks” You can Access with a Keyless Entry Motor Pool Solution

Many modern fleets have vehicles and parking lots scattered throughout their city, county, jurisdiction or campuses. This can often result in desired vehicles spread apart and unable to be accessed at a moment’s notice. With a keyless entry system integrated into a motor pool management system, your fleet can kick they keys and forms to the road in favor of quick, effortless “car sharing.” In this system, you don’t have to worry about lost or misplaced keys, or forms that delay your necessary reservation. Check out the following five “locks” that your fleet can unlock with a keyless entry motor pool solution.

Lock #1: Convenience

Provides users with the ability to lock and unlock vehicles from their mobile device or using an RFID card. There’s no more fishing around for keys, having mismatched/labeled keys, or worry about the key fob functionality. Your personal device or card will work just fine.

Lock #2: Security

Virtual vehicle keys utilize sophisticated encryption techniques ensuring that fleet vehicles are always secure, which gives administrators peace of mind. In fact, the in-car technology features an engine-immobilizer that will prevent the car from starting if it has not been accessed properly (i.e. someone breaking the door in to try to use the key inside).

keyless entry motor pool

Lock #3: Reliability

Most keyless entry devices utilize Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which is compatible with most smartphones. Using BLE, a virtual car key is sent directly from the user’s device to the vehicle. Devices that utilize BLE can be used in various locations including underground parking lots where cellular data may not be accessible.

Lock #4: Time Saving

Virtual vehicle keys cut out the need for a person tending a desk to keep track of keys and paperwork, allowing them to focus on other work. Virtual keys also save time for end users and prevent lost keys. Employees can make reservations and access vehicles straight from their mobile device without having to stop at an office or key box to pick up physical keys.

Lock #5: Real-time Data

In addition to BLE, most keyless entry systems come with an integrated 3G cellular modem that allows for the capture of real-time data events such as: door locked, door unlocked and ignition on/off. The cellular modem also allows for Over the Air (OTA) firmware updates ensuring the system is always up to date.

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